P3 Martial Arts Reviews

P3 Martial Arts Irma H.

P3 Martial Arts provides a great, fun, and safe, family environment where students learn more than just self defense skills. P3 provides a culture that promotes friendship, respect, accountability, and leadership. The instructors take the time to know my children personally and they understand just how to help them be successful. The best part about P3 is that there are classes for the children and for adults too! We LOVE P3 Martial Arts!!

Irma H.

P3 Martial Arts Amy C.

Mr Scott and Mr Bailey are so nice and sweet to the kids. It was nice to see everyone and enjoy a nice night out! I look forward to meeting more of the P3 family..

Amy C.

P3 Martial Arts Nancy F.

It's just all around AWESOME with the BEST Instructors ever. A very family oriented place. Even the moms and dads enjoy our time there. My child has grown so much over his years with Mr Bailey. My son started Tea Kwon Do at the age of 4 and is now 11 and he loves it !  We were told by a classroom teacher that his focus issues would improved and they have along with the other tenants P3 instills developing Stong self image, Responsibility, Dependability as well as Kindness and more. We love it when new families begin and realize they are now part a terrific extended family !!  Come visit and you will see, hope to see you soon!!

Nancy F.

P3 Martial Arts Amy S.

Best Martial Arts school around!!!You won't find a more family-friendly team of great students and awesome instructors!!

Amy S.

P3 Martial Arts Tiffany L.

P3 has become our family’s favorite activity.  With a daughter, 8, and boys 7 and 5, they rarely agree.  It is wonderful to find a place that we all love!  Mr. Bailey, Mr. Robbie, and all the interns are so invested in each and every student.

Tiffany L.

P3 Martial Arts Michaele B.

We LOVE P3! Mr. Bailey, Mr. Robbie and the rest of the incredible teachers have really started my little ones on a great path. They are all patient, caring and trustworthy in addition to being awesome on the mat! Thanks P3 for giving us something super fun and educational to look forward to every week! We tell everyone we know about P3!

Michaele B.

P3 Martial Arts Lori S.

My son started P3 right months ago and it has made such huge difference in him. Mr. Bailey & Mr. Rauschert are phenomenal instructors! Everyone has such positive attitudes and is just huge family. I would highly recommend P3 to anyone, young/adult. You definitely will not waste your time or money! We 💙 Our P3 family!!!

Lori S.

P3 Martial Arts Amy B.

Scott Bailey is hands down the most influential, hard-working individual you will meet. His main and only concern are his students. You won't find that other places. He has put his heart and soul into training my three kids and myself the proper ways of tae kwon do. He is not just a mentor but friend. We are blessed to have him in our lives.

Amy B.

P3 Martial Arts Susan M.

My kids have been coming here for a little over a year now, they absolutely love it!

Susan M.

P3 Martial Arts Ann C.

Mr. Bailey is a wonderful instructor. Although my son has been in martial arts for 7 years, it wasn't until he began training with Mr. Bailey in Knoxville that I realized after all this time, my son had not truly learned the skills that were the entire point of his involvement in martial arts in the first place.. Sometimes you don't know what you have been missing until someone shows you the difference. That difference could not have been more evident this weekend, after our son medaled in every event, picking up 3 gold medals and a bronze at National competition. Thank you Mr. Bailey!!

Ann C.

P3 Martial Arts Alex B.

My son started little leaders in January, he loves going to class. The classes are fun and engaging for the kids. They are nice and tired in the evening after class.

Alex B.

P3 Martial Arts Lee W.

I started training with Scott Bailey about 5 years ago. In that time he has taught me to defend my self and my family, how to push my body beyond most of its limits, and how to control my emotions, thoughts and breathing when confronted with almost any situation imaginable. P3 is more than a martial arts studio, it is a family. Stop by and see for yourself!

Lee W.

P3 Martial Arts Dan R.

Game on! Scott and Robie are great instructors and role models for our kids. They always give 110% and reach out and make each kid feel special inevery class. They also reach outside of the martial arts curriculum to bring them up right. Thanks for your commitment to our kids.

Dan R.

P3 Martial Arts Jim F.

Everyone has that one special Teacher, Instructor, or Coach you look back on that as you get older had a very positive influence on your life. For my Son I'm certain that Teacher will be Scott Bailey. Not for the physical training, but for the undeniable life lessons he has learned at a young age from one of the most genuine individuals I have met in my lifetime. He was highly recommend to us, and we feel blessed that we invested our Son's traing with him. My wife and I highly endorse him to anyone looking for the same experience for their children.

Jim F.

P3 Martial Arts Kristie B.

Scott is the absolute best TKD instructor out there. One of my daughters started her TKD training with him when she was 4 (she's almost 16 now) and was ecstatic to later have him as her lead instructor. He's always encouraging and fun and knows more about the whys and hows of TKD then anyone in town. Anyone can claim to know how to do something, and people do, but he can actually do it. Go try other places and ask questions, then go to Scott and you'll see the difference. We've been other places and left having to correct my youngest daughter's techniques and explain the reason for the correction cause the instructors didn't know. Scott knows and teaches all of this. Observe other places, then watch him and see the difference. You can go anywhere in town and be given a black belt. You want to truly work hard, learn practical self defense and tournament sparring (there's a difference), this is where you'll be.

Kristie B.

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