Mr. Austin Holbrook Kids Martial Arts Instructor

Mr. Austin Holbrook

I'm Austin Lee Holbrook and I'm a 3rd degree black belt. I started my training at 3 years old in Olney, Maryland with my instructor Mr. Malakoff. I didn't see my dad alot in Olney because of his job in Washington DC, but the long part for him was getting home. So they were thinking about moving and where to move to. They chose Tennessee, where my grandparents and cousins lived. The hard part was leaving Maryland because of our close relationships with neighboors and friends, but when we moved here the first year I didn't really adapt too well, until my second year in Tennessee. My parents talked to Scott Bailey when he was at Tiger Rock and from there I grew into that place and great memories happened there. The last testing there was for my 2nd degree level 4. A year later Bailey had opened P3 Martial Arts. It was fun starting at a new academy with people I already knew and the new students who started training here have made great friends too. Testing here for my 3rd Degree was a huge excitement and also having experience as an instructor was great, because I can show others how to be a better martial artist. I love it here at P3, and other people do too, the teaching is great, and once you're here and you get to know people, you'll feel comfortable.

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