Mr. Josh Woods Kids Martial Arts Instructor

Mr. Josh Woods

Hey my name is Josh Woods! I am from Auburn, Alabama. I am an intern here at P3 Martial Arts. One thing I love about P3 is the connections that the staff makes with the students and parents! I felt very welcomed when I started, and as I progressed through the ranks, I was invited to the instructor team. From there I gradually got more comfortable with what I was doing. Previously before I started at P3, I had already achieved my first degree black belt. However, I decided to restart and go through the ranks again because I took a break long enough to the point where I was not quite comfortable enough to continue at the black belt rank. Along with refreshing my skill set, I also made the decision to restart because I wanted to experience and learn how P3 teaches compared to the old Taekwondo place I was previously attending, and P3 Martial Arts absolutely exceeded my expectations!


When I lived in Auburn, Alabama, I had zero experience with trampolines or tricking at all. When I moved to Tennessee however, I started using my backyard trampoline and I started to enjoy it quite well, learning tucks and tricking moves that will apply to my martial arts and hyper skills. Once I got decent on the trampoline, I took some of the techniques from the trampoline onto the ground. Around this same time, Pro-X started to grow and I was invited. I am now in the Pro-X level two program and continuing to love what I do and I do not plan on stopping anytime soon. The staff also played a big role and made it easier to learn some of the tricks that I can still do to this day. Now that I am on a Internship program with P3 Martial Arts, I have expanded my skill sets for the outside world. Parent interaction, customer service, and building relationships with everyone! So glad to be apart of this community that is so family friendly I would recommend P3 to anybody!

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