Mr. Kai Alfano Kids Martial Arts Instructor

Mr. Kai Alfano

My name is Kai Alfano.  As a pre-teen, I trained in gymnastics tumbling.  I enjoyed being able to do front flips, backflips and twist my body through the air.  In 2015, I moved to the Knox County area and decided to try Martial Arts. I began my training at P3 Master Instructor, Scott Bailey. Seeing that I had gymnastic training, Master Bailey introduced me to Hyper Martial Arts.  Hyper Martial Arts is where Martial Art Forms are expanded to include gymnastic type tricks and extreme weapon skills both performed with speed and intensity. For the next 3 years, I worked with Master Bailey, attending training Camps in California, studying the Hyper curriculum and finally becoming certified as a Hyper Pro Instructor.  During this time, I also went through Instructor Training, and a P3 Internship.  I studied the details and expectations of the 5 tenants  (Strength, Leadership, Commitment, Knowledge, and Respect) of the Ultimate Leadership Martial Arts program and what it takes to demonstrate them in everything I do, both inside and outside of Martial Arts.  In late 2017, Master Bailey made the decision that P3 was ready to implement a Hyper Martial Arts Program. I’ve come a long way as a Martial Artist.  I am now a  Black Belt,  a P3 Martial Arts  employee, and the Coordinator/Lead Instructor of the P3 ProX Program.  Over the past year and a half our ProX team has grown to the extent that we have doubled class offerings by adding a Level 2 Program.  Our ProX Team is responsible for leading P3 Martial Arts demonstrations and our students are now winning medals at every tournament by incorporating their ProX training into competitions.  I love training, teaching, and being a part of the P3 family.

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