Mr. Robbie Rauschert Kids Martial Arts Instructor

Mr. Robbie Rauschert

My name is Robbie Rauschert and I've been training in Taekwondo for around 9 years now. I started my journey in Athens, TN, under the instruction of Senior Master Moises Contreras, when I was just starting out as a teen. I trained under Mr. Contreras for years, becoming an instructor as soon as I could. I loved working with kids and adults, and helping them grow not just in Taekwondo, but in other aspects that include Leadership, Honesty, Self-Control, Discipline, and Focus. It was under Mr. Contreras that I received my 3rd degree black belt after training all throughout my middle school and high school years. Once I graduated, the time came for me to move off to college, at The University of Tennessee. It is here where I continued training and teaching alongside Mr. Scott Bailey. With Mr. Bailey, I continued to learn many new concepts, and many different ways to teach the art. It became obvious that even though I had come so far, there was still much for me to learn, and so I dedicated myself to the training I needed to undertake in order to be the best martial artist I could be. After several more years, he asked me for my help as he set out to open his own martial arts academy. With the help of loyal families and spirited students, P3 Martial Arts was born. Perseverance, Performance, and Progress are the 3 concepts that we strive to teach to every student who walks through our doors, to break through their barriers and exceed their best. We have built a unique experience here that I hope the people of Farragut and Knoxville will get to experience.

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