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  • The Annual P3 Martial Arts August Tournament!

    Here at P3 Martial Arts we have our annual tournament every August. The tournament is just P3 Martial Arts competitors, the only tournament that we do that is not with other ULMA (Ultimate Leadership Martial Arts) schools. There is a lot of variety in competition this year, from Team Sparring to Individual Sparring along with Obstacle Courses, and Musical Weapon Forms etc. so much to do in one single day! Even if you are not going to be competing bring yourself along with family to support all the competitors, it is going to be a blast! If there is any questions on this tournament please feel free to call the number of our facility at the bottom of this blog. So make sure to get in class ....

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  • P3 Martial Art Championship Rules

    Please see the attached file below for the Tournament Rules for the P3 Martial Art Championships on August 4th. Board Breaking Rules:
    The board breaking competition will be divided into teams of 8-10 competitors. Each division will begin on their color board corresponding to their age: White Board: 6 years old and below Yellow Board: 7,8,9 year olds Orange Board: 10 & 11 year olds Green Board: 12 & 13 year olds Blue Board: 14 Year olds & up Brown Board: Men 15 & up Black Board: Black Belt Men 15 & up Each division will progress through five breaks listed below, if competitors break all five breaks they will incrementally increase board color, and repeat the ....

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  • Martial Arts Community & Current Events for P3 Martial Arts

    Martial Arts is one of the few things that kids and adults absolutely love. Why is this, why would a adult and kid absolutely love Martial Arts? Well, kids and adults may start it for different reasons, most of the time kids and adults love it for some of the same reasons. Such as if you were a kid, a kid might start Martial Arts because they think it looks cool and want to hang out with more people, find new friends, new groups if you will. Whereas an adult might start it because the want to "get in shape", or want to revisit what they quit as a kid or lost time to do, such as a lot of adults, this thing that they want to revisit, or lost time for is mostly Martial Arts. Once they start ....

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  • Testing and Our New Banquet!

    P3 Martial Arts training hard for our belt testing coming up next week! Only 2 Nun Chux classes left in our Strength cycle, and then our testing and our banquet will be here! June 24th is our banquet which is where we will be handing out belts to those who passed testing. This will be an outside event so if you are coming dress accordingly. There will be food hosted at the banquet, it will be so awesome and a ton of fun for our kids and adults. ....

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  • New Equipment and Camps

    Our equipment is here! So much fun breaking all that stuff out to use. We now have almost 30 blasters and all new Jump Pads, even new guiding cones etc. So much fun and activity planned for this summer. In case you did not know we only have 3 days left of our Jedi Camp, our Adventure camp is sold out completely. We still have spots in our other camps as well visit for more information, or just call 865-272-4853. On Fridayat camp we will be going to see the all new Star Wars movie! It is going to be so much fun going to see that during our summer camp. P3 Martial Arts will also be going to McFee park and getting our splash pad on! Have an awesome week! ....

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  • P3 Martial Arts E-Newsletter May Edition

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    Summer Camp Registration
    Summer Camp 2018 is coming up quickly! We've had a lot of people register over the past two months, and we are about to push out a lot of marketing to the Knoxville area soon. Make sure to sign up soon so that we can guarantee a spot for you. The Jedi Camp and Adventure Camp are just about filled up! Make sure to tell your friends that we are offering a really great deal; buy one week of camp and get your second week for half off with coupon code ....

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  •  in Knoxville - P3 Martial Arts - Summer Camp & Martial Art Deals

    Summer Camp & Martial Art Deals

    Join our Summer Martial Arts Program Looking for a fun and exciting way to beat the heat this summer? Join our Kids Martial Art summer lessons with specialized classes for Preschoolers (Lil' Leaders) & K-5th Graders (Junior Leadership). Check out our convenient class times below with day lessons starting in June.
    Sign up Here for Summer Martial Arts
    We are excited to be offering our 2018 Summer Martial Arts program for preschoolers & K-5th graders. Our Summer Martial Arts program includes:
    7 martial art class times for preschoolers (see class times below)
    11 martial ....

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  •  in Knoxville - P3 Martial Arts - Best Summer Camp in Knoxville, TN

    Best Summer Camp in Knoxville, TN

    Buy one week, Get one week 50% off!
    We are excited to offer a B1G1 50% off sale on all of our six different themed summer camps. With over 50 participants already registered, our summer camps will sell out soon. If you buy one week at regular price ($179/week), you get the second week 50% off. We only have 25 coupons ( Yes, we have already sold 5 weeks of camp since offering the coupon ) left so use the coupon code " camp
    " at checkout to receive your 50% off discount on the second week. We offer FREE early 7:00am drop off, and 6:00pm late pickup for all of our campers.
    You can safely and securly register here: ....

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  •  in Knoxville - P3 Martial Arts - Download our New App

    Download our New App

    Download our New Mobile App
    P3 Team, We are excited to announce that we now have a mobile app on both the App Store & the Google Play Store. The new mobile app will provide several important functions for our studio:
    It will provide training and curriculum videos for our team. We will also be uploading more curriculum videos over the next few months for all of our programs.
    Parents will have event registration at their fingertips. No more searching for emails you couldn't find.
    We will be able to send you push notifications to all of your devices (iPads, phones, tablets, watches, etc.) for important reminders and class cancellations.
    You can refer ....

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