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  • Fall Tournament at Springboro OH.

    Time is flying by as Ultimate Leadership Martial Arts is hosting its fall tournament. This is always a great event to participate in, as your training will be showcased there, it is also a great way to see how effective your training is, see what you are good at and what you can improve on. It is always a blast, winning medals during competition just adds on to that.If you would like to participate in this fall tournament make sure you are getting in class at least 2-3 times a week. We will be working on our stripes such as: Yellow Stripe (Contact Skill), Orange Stripe (Board Breaking), and Blue Stripe (form). Again we highly encourage everyone go, as it is such a great way to gain ....

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  • Back to School Back to Training

    Team! We are gearing back up for an amazing training cycle with new students, new curriculum, and new weapons training. Read about the new weapon training we are doing this cycle below. If you haven't downloaded our app, we uploaded the Knowledge form to the app so everyone can practice (Access ID: 8652724853). Instructor team please read below regarding your next training day. Join P3 Martial Arts for our Solid Foundation Weapons classes on Tuesday & Wednesday at 5:00PM-5:45PM. We are introducing Kama training for the first time this training cycle. The solid foundation weapons training classes are open for yellow ....

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  • Cool Down/Back To School

    P3 Martial Arts has finished its Commitment cycle testing, and we just want to say that everybody did fantastic! Everyone passed, which is awesome! Last week was our cool down week after testing, but now we are back to hitting it hard with our training in preparation for our fall tournament with ULMA. If you did not know about that tournament it is a big event and we would love for everyone to go! P3 understands that back to school time is a very hectic time, from sports to a new schedule to making dinner to picking up and dropping off kids, but P3 Martial Arts is cracking down on dress code. If your P3 Martial Arts shorts are in the washer, do not just throw on another pair of shorts. ....

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  • P3 Martial Arts E-Newsletter August

    View in browser Mr. Bailey's Corner
    Hey Team! We are super excited to have almost 32 new students coming off of summer, or starting after belt testing. Please be sure to welcome them to our P3 Martial Arts family. After belt testing, we want to remind everyone that it is a requirement to train in proper uniform. Students should only train in the P3 uniform dresscode i.e. P3 Jackets, P3 Training Shirts, P3 training shorts, or P3 training pants, and includes their belt. After belt testing, students not in proper apparel will not be allowed to train in class. We will have to take a hard stance on the issue and it will be ....

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  • Benefits that Martial Arts Will Bring to Your Life!

    "Martial Arts", to many people it is pronounced the same, but for a lot of people this word has very different meanings. For instance, for one person Martial Arts could be a way of life. Martial Arts could also mean to another person, a escape from life, and for another person it could be a fun hobby. That is the amazing thing about Martial Arts, there is never a right answer of what it should mean to you! Martial Arts like everything on earth is going to have ups and downs with it, whether it is that you do not have the flexibility to do a split, or you love that a community of people can come together and still not judge each other. If you are shy and are not the best person with social ....

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  • Tournament!

    If you have not heard about or read previous blogs, the Annual P3 Martial Arts tournament is this week! On Saturday tournament will commence as scheduled. It is going to be an amazing experience to compete and spectate all our amazing Martial Arts Athletes this year. P3 Martial Arts is going to be having some awesome Musical and Non-Musical forms this year, always a blast to watch and compete in. This event really gets into the creativity of all our students here. Remember get well rested and drink lots of water that way you will not get sick, and you can kick butt! ....

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  • Sword Classes, Black Stripe Papers, and DRESS CODE!

    If you have not heard by now P3 Martial Arts has kicked off our Sword classes, taught by Mr. Holbrook, for the Commitment cycle. All orange belts and above are welcome to take these classes all cycle. Now if you do not own a sword, P3 Martial Arts will be taking orders for sword, until your weapon has arrived upon purchase, you are allowed to borrow a sword from the academy. P3 Martial Arts is in the process of our Commitment cycle, which means that the black stripe paper is out. Come ask an instructor about grabbing one and getting a head start on that. Back to school time is right around the corner, which means life is going to get a little hectic, like not being able to find your P3 ....

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  • The Annual P3 Martial Arts August Tournament!

    Here at P3 Martial Arts we have our annual tournament every August. The tournament is just P3 Martial Arts competitors, the only tournament that we do that is not with other ULMA (Ultimate Leadership Martial Arts) schools. There is a lot of variety in competition this year, from Team Sparring to Individual Sparring along with Obstacle Courses, and Musical Weapon Forms etc. so much to do in one single day! Even if you are not going to be competing bring yourself along with family to support all the competitors, it is going to be a blast! If there is any questions on this tournament please feel free to call the number of our facility at the bottom of this blog. So make sure to get in class ....

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  • P3 Martial Art Championship Rules

    Please see the attached file below for the Tournament Rules for the P3 Martial Art Championships on August 4th. Board Breaking Rules:
    The board breaking competition will be divided into teams of 8-10 competitors. Each division will begin on their color board corresponding to their age: White Board: 6 years old and below Yellow Board: 7,8,9 year olds Orange Board: 10 & 11 year olds Green Board: 12 & 13 year olds Blue Board: 14 Year olds & up Brown Board: Men 15 & up Black Board: Black Belt Men 15 & up Each division will progress through five breaks listed below, if competitors break all five breaks they will incrementally increase board color, and repeat the ....

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  • Martial Arts Community & Current Events for P3 Martial Arts

    Martial Arts is one of the few things that kids and adults absolutely love. Why is this, why would a adult and kid absolutely love Martial Arts? Well, kids and adults may start it for different reasons, most of the time kids and adults love it for some of the same reasons. Such as if you were a kid, a kid might start Martial Arts because they think it looks cool and want to hang out with more people, find new friends, new groups if you will. Whereas an adult might start it because the want to "get in shape", or want to revisit what they quit as a kid or lost time to do, such as a lot of adults, this thing that they want to revisit, or lost time for is mostly Martial Arts. Once they start ....

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