P3 Martial Art Championships

Tournament Times

Please remember to arrive 20 minutes prior to your tournament start time to be placed into your divisions.

Lil' Leaders division is pre-school to Kindergarten
Junior division is Kindergarten-5th Grade
Fusion division is 6th-9th Grade
Adult division is 10th Grade-Adult

Beginner: White & Yellow Belt
Intermediate: Orange, Green, & Blue Belts
Advanced: Purple, Brown, & Red Belts
Elite: Black Belts

Friday August 2nd
7:00-8:30PM: Judges/Instructor Meeting

Saturday, August 3rd
8:00AM: Adult Elite Men & Women

9:30AM: Adult Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced
10:15AM: Junior Elite Black Belt
11:00AM: Agility Course Opens
11:15AM: Fusion Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced
12:00PM: Fusion Elite
12:45PM: Musical Forms
2:00PM: Musical Weapons
2:30PM: Sword Competition

3:00PM: Agility Course Closes
3:15PM: Lil' Leader Competition
3:45PM: Junior Beginners
4:45PM: Board Breaking & Awards for Agility Course
5:45PM: Junior Advanced & Intermediate
6:45PM: Team Sparring

Lil' Leader Competition

Open to Lil' Leaders Only.

The Lil' Leader competition will consist of Preschoolers-Kindergarten participants. The Lil' Leader division will have to perform the following moves:

Front Kick
Crescent Kick
Low Block
High Block
Wrist Grab Release

Lil' Leaders will receive gold medals for their tournament division. Included in their tournament will be the agility course competition in which they will place 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for their age groups.

Traditional Forms Competition

Open to Juniors, Fusion, & Impact; all ranks


Center Judge: Stances and Kicks
Judge 2: Hand Techniques
Judge 3: Overall Power & Intensity
-1.5: Student greatly needs improvement
2-2.5: Student needs improvement
3-3.5: Student is performing well
4-4.5: Student excels in this area
5: Student demonstrated outstanding performance in this area

Sparring Competition

Open to Orange Belts & Higher; Juniors, Fusion, & Adults

-90 second rounds; double elimination
-10 point mercy rule
-All Judges call “break” to call points & warnings.
-No double points – one person has to score first
-No strikes. Instead the competitor will get 1 warning for: Contact below the belt, contact to the face, and/or excessive contact anywhere
-Students warnings carry with them throughout the competition. A student receving three warning will be disqualified in the sparring competition, and forfeit any placements earned.

Tactical Skills Competition

Open to White & Yellow Belt; Juniors, Fusion, & Adults

-Students will execute punch attack, kick attack, and grab attack.
-Judges will have students cycle through 2X, and then base their decision on the execution of technique, targets, distance, etc. to determine the winner.

Punch Attack: Left Sidekick, Sidekick (Double Kick), Right Spin Sidekick

Kick Attack: Left Low Block, Left Chop High, Left Chop Low, Left Sidekick

Grab Attack: Wristgrab Release

Musical Weapons & Musical Forms Competitions

Open to Orange Belts & Higher; Juniors, Fusion, & Adults

-Students should choose one weapon if doing a weapons form: Bo Staff, Sword, Nun-Chucks, or Kamas

-Musical Freestyle Forms follow the same pattern as Musical Weapons forms, but with open hands & kicks instead of weapons.

-All ProX Team Members are required to create a musical form.

-Create & Design a Musical Form approxmiately 30-60 seconds (not including bow in to judges) in length to a upbeat song.

-Divide your form into five sections:
1.) The Buildup & Bow In
Students should execute the bow in process, and create an intense buildup that will go into section two of the form.
2.) Weapon Strikes & Weapon Release
Students design a fast paced sequence of moves approxmiately 15-20 moves utilizing their best skills, and demonstrating strong stances. Utilize weapons releases to create a fun and exciting form.

3.) Kick Combo
Students create a cool jump/spinning kick combo that flows together that has approxmiately 3-5 kicks. For example, back leg front kick, shuffle front kick, jump front kick.

4.) Tumbling Sequence
Students should put together a tumbling sequence of their best moves including rolls, kip-ups, round offs, back tucks, back handsprings, etc.

5.) The Finish
Create a fun and memorable finish that will leave the judges inspired, and excited to watch it again.

Board Breaking Competition

Board Breaking Competition is open to White Belts and Higher; Juniors, Fusion, and Adults

-Students have five required breaks to break their board.

-Students have one attempt to break their board.

-Students breaking all five breaks will move up to the next board difficulty.

-Students reaching black board, and completing all five breaks will be subjected to judges discretion on board breaks.

-The top 3 students in each division will medal (Gold, Silver, & Bronze)

White & Yellow BoardBreaks:
#2 Front Kick, #3 Side Kick, Hammerfist, Palm Heel, Elbow Smash

Orange, Green, & Blue Belts:
#2 Front Kick, #3 Side Kick, Jump Front Kick, Elbow Smash, Palm Heel

Purple, Brown, & Red Belts:

#2 Jump Front Kick, #3 Step Side Kick, Spin Side Kick, Hammerfist, Reverse Elbow Smash

Black Belts:

#2 Jump Front Kick, Spin Side Kick, #2 Round Kick, Downward Palm Heel, Knifehand Strike

Agility Course Competition

The agility course competition is open to all ages & ranks!
-The staff builds an awesome outdoor agility/parkour course.
-Students will have the oppurtunity to practice the course.
-Students will have 2 chances to be timed, and the best of the two times will be taken.
-The top three competitiors in each age divison will be awarded a bronze, silver, and gold medals.

Sword Competition

Open to all ages & ranks; Juniors, Fusion, Adults?

-Sword Competition is divided on age and ranks.
-Sword Competition matches are 60 second matches or until 5 points; double elimination.
-Points are awarded for strikes on any part of the body except the face, the neck, and/or the groin.

Team Sparring Competition

Open to Orange Belts & Higher; Juniors, Fusion, and Adults
-Students are assigned to an instructors team for team sparring.
-Team sparring will follow a different set of rules this year, and will not be continous sparring. Instead, it will be sudden death matches. The team with the most eliminations will move on.
-Team sparring competition will be double elimination.
-Teams with less amounts of students will have to spar until the larger team completes the round.
-Each match will last no longer than 30 seconds, otherwise both teams forfeit the round, and the next students from the teams will spar.

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