Week 8 Summer Camp Agenda

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Important information about next week's Activity Camp!

Hey Parents,

We are so excited for you to be joining us this upcoming week of activity camp! We have a huge week of fun activities, games, arts & crafts, field trips, and more planned for your child.

In order to make this the smoothest process possible...please remember the following:

1.)Please label all water bottles, lunch boxes, and even T-Shirts so we can get everything back to the correct child.

2.) We will have field trips on Tuesday (Carl Cowan for Outdoor Sports), Wednesday (Regal for Secret Life of Pets), Thursday (Muse at West Town Mall), and Friday (McFee Splashpad & Park) during activity camp. Please remember that all campers must wear their camp t-shirt on those days. Please pack all of the campers materials for the day in their green P3 drawstring bag.

3.) Please remember to pack spray sunscreen in their green P3 drawstring bag. We will apply sunscreen before going outside. *Hats & sunglasses are recommended* On water days, please also pack a towel for your child.

4.) Campers should pack their own lunch every day. We do offer a wide variety of snacks & drinks for purchase from $0.50-$1.25. You may pay by cash or set a monetary limit for your child to purchase at our snack bar per day, and we will charge your account on Friday. Just let our staff know on Monday to set your child's limit.

5.) If you were unable to attend either of our open houses, please fill out the authorized pickup & allergy form by clicking the following link:
*Please note we will not allow your child to leave our campus under any circumstance without an authorized person showing valid photo ID, and being listed on the child's account.

6.) Drop off will be at our main P3 Martial Art campus (11515 Kingston Pike), and pickup will be in our secondary P3 After School & Summer Camp campus (11533 Kingston Pike) located next to Fresh Market. *Martial Art students taking classes should have the staff log their days they will be attending*

7.) Follow us on social media at Knoxville's Best After School & Summer Camp Program to see what we are up to everyday. We also post our events and reminders on our blog at www.P3martialarts.com/blog if you need a reminder.

Read the simple schedule of daily activities below:

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