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Promotion Ceremony & Exams

Hey Team,

WOW! Just WOW! Such an amazing display of martial art talent and hard work over our rank exam weekend. All students rose to the challenges presented to them, and has overcame the obstacles they faced! With that being said, learning how to kick and punch, and how to defend themselves is fantastic. However, becoming a compassionate, intelligent, genuine, leader with the ability to solve issues through determination, persistance, pride, and humility is our #1 goal. I can't tell you how amazing it is to watch students high five their teammates, or tell them they did a great job, which, we sometimes lose in the hyper competitive society we live in today. I was reading an article last night titled, "The 8 Instinctive Habits of Remarkable Leaders," which stated, "No one gets enough praise, so truly outstanding leaders see expressing thanks, giving praise, and providing recognition as one gift that can never be given often enough. Praise is almost like breathing to a truly outstanding leader: natural, automatic, frequent, and most of all, genuine and sincere." Seeing our students hand out praise to each other, and our young white and yellow belt martial artist looking up to our teenage black belts for guidance and leadership is a truly humbling experience.

We are growing as an academy, thanks to each and every parent and family, and we will continue to impact and change lives. Let's make 2016 the best year ever!

Join us for a night of fun with games, pizza, movies and more at our Parents Night Out event on February 13th from 5:30-9:00PM. We will play games the whole time, eat a ton of pizza, watch a fantastic movie while Parents get to have a date night out on the town. Cost is only $10.00, and you can register securly through the following link: http://member-site.net/?EV--bPcgi

Cycle Documents


Please do not forget that on Monday 2/8/2015, we will be moving to our new class schedule. Please see the attached link for the new schedule, most of the classes did not move to much, a few were added to alleviate congestion (which is AWESOME), and to offer a better variety of times to all students.

Please click here to view the new schedule.

We have our missions which all students must complete at least five missions in order to be eligible to test, with more missions earning more stars to be placed on their belt. Please see the attached link to look at the new Leadership missions for the cycle.

Lil' Leaders Coloring Mission Sheet
Junior, Senior, and Fusion Students Mission Sheet

Lastly, the attached is the form to have their teacher fill out to earn three stars on their next belt. I know many of you have advocated for me to come into your childs classroom for school talks on our tenets and/or demonstrations. I will be emailing those teachers/principals next week to get something set up.

Star Student Form

Bo Staff Lessons have started!

We have had such a great turnout to our bo staff lessons so far this training cycle! And we can't wait to see how awesome everyone is going to be by the end of this ten week course. Remember, at the end of the 10 weeks, the student who gives us the best demonstration with the bo-staff will earn a weapons champion patch to wear on their belt. Bo staff lessons are offered every Wednesday at 5:00p.m. and Saturday at 11:00a.m., with rotations every other Monday (2/15,2/29, 3/14, & 3/28) at 6:00PM. 

Gameday Challenge


Starting February 3rd, P3 Martial Arts will be hosting the 1st official Game Day Challenge. The Gameday Challenge was created to reinforce the physical and mental aspects of martial arts while keeping the competitive spirit in preparation for tournament in March. 

Click here to see which team you are on!

Please see the descriptions and scores for each category below.

Split Club- Students should be able to do a front split and be completely touching the floor with front toes pointed toward the ceiling. 3 point field goal

Blue vs Red- Classes will focus on team challenges utilizing martial art training, classroom leadership, and being the all around best teams during competitions. Varies per instructor

10 Sprints/2 Mins- Students must complete 10 springs in under two minutes. One spring is considered running down the full mat and back. Field Goal

4 classes in a week-Students that attend four classes in one week will be eligible to earn their team points. Minor Fields of Study lessons count as well. Touchdown

TKD History- Students must write a one page essay on the history of TaeKwonDo in martial arts. Touchdown 2 Point Conversion

#MartialArtMondays-Students that wear their shirts to school/work on Mondays, hastag #MartialArtMondays, and tag P3 Martial Arts on Facebook, Instragram, or Twitter will earn points for their team. Touchdown

Class Leadership Award-Instructors will hand out classroom leadership awards to students who demonstrate all of the tenets of Ultimate Leadership Martial Arts. Touchdown Extra Point

Kick It Viral-Students that create a video of their form, teaching how to do a sidekick, etc. and post it to facebook, youtube, twitter, etc. Field Goal

Mr/Miss Hustle-Students that give extra effort in class, and are standout students will earn the Mr/Miss Hustle Award. Touchdown

100 Round Kicks-Students complete 100 round kicks in under two minutes. 
Two Point Conversion

20 Perfect Pushups
-Students demonstrate 20 perfectly positioned pushups. Two Point Conversion 

10 Spins/10 Seconds-
Students complete 10 spin kicks in 10 seconds while hitting every spin on a focus target. Field Goal

Give out P3 Valentines!

If you haven't picked up your Valentines Day Cards yet, please do so at the front desk. It's a great way to tell your friends about our school, and its a great offer to get them started with you today! We have about 400 extra so if anyone has any events coming up, please let Mr. Bailey know so we can go hand them out.

Upcoming Events

March 12th: ULMAA Spring Championships (make plans to attend)
April 9th: Rank Exams
June 11th: Rank Exams
June 18th: Black Belt Banquet (Tentative)
July 22nd-24th: ULMAA World Training Camp
October 22nd: ULMAA Fall Championships

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