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Happy Easter Team P3MA

Happy Easter Weekend! We hope that all of our students have a perfect weekend with their families, and safe travels. We are proud to announce that P3MA is currently at 68 students on roll. WOW! Thanks to everyone's hard work, effort, and time, we are continuing to grow our academy. As we grow throughout the course of this year, we will begin to implement phase two of the four phases of Mr. Bailey's plan for P3MA:

  • Introducing workshops, seminars, & camps
  • New equipment & complete training system
  • Implementation of a 5 tier instructor leader program with team builder functions
  • Introduction of our P3MA Demonstration team
  • Improved applications and communications for students to be able to practice at home

We will be slowly introducing these systems throughout the next year, so if you have any questions, please speak with a P3MA staff member.

We have several events that we have been preparing so please make sure to mark your calendars accordingly.

P3MA Belt Registration & Exam Information

Hey Team,

Let's get ready to rock at our April Rank exams of 2016. Exam Registration begins

3/28/2016-4/04/2016. Students registering after 04/04 may not receive their belt upon successful completion of the rank exam. Students should only register for the exam after receiving permission from a lead instructor, and completing at least 4-5 curriculum stripes. All black belts participating in the rank exam should have a private lesson before their exam. All yellow belts should meet with Mr. Bailey or Mr. Robbie to be sized out for gear, or if you need any payment options.

Students will be graded on the following categories depending on their current rank: Self-Defense Skill, Contact Skills, Tactical Skills, Sparring, Board Breaking, Forms, Oral Presentation

The Rank Exam will be held at P3 Martial Arts of Farragut on 4/09/2016 at the following times.

Black Belts & Adults: 9a.m.

White & Yellow Belts: 10:00a.m.

Lil-Leaders: 11:00a.m.

Orange-Red Belts: 11:00a.m.

Exam guidelines and exam oral presentation questions, will be sent in a seperate email.

To Register, please click the following link: http://member-site.net/?BP--bghPh

MFOS Weapon Training Cycle 2: Sword

We will be practicing the foam sword during cycle 2 minor fields of study classes. The minor field of study classes are open to all yellow belts and above every Wednesday, Saturday, and every other Monday. The MFOS lessons are included in your monthly membership. Save $10.00 by preordering your foams sword before rank exams, just $29.99.

Pre-Order your new P3MA Training T-Shirts

Be sure to pre-order your P3MA training T-Shirts before Tuesday (03/29) to guarantee your size will be in stock. All sizes are $19.99+tax.


Take 20% off all shorts in stock! ONE WEEK ONLY!

Take 20% off all shorts in stock this week only! A great offer & a great way to stay cool this summer!

VIP Dinner & Banquet

We will be offering our 1st Annual P3MA dinner banquet on May 14th, 2016 at 7:00p.m. The banquet will be a catered BBQ dinner with the sides. At the event, we will be recognizing all of our black belt students with special awards exclusive to black belt students, our compeititon team, future demo teams, the instructor team, as well as select students nominated by our instructor team for awards.

Tickets for the event are $10 for children and $12 for adults. Tickets will be available later this week. Grandparents and other family members are invited to attend. We will be limiting tickets to the first 80 people for the event.

Attire for the event is dressy casual.

Mothers Day Class on May 7th.

In Honor of Mothers Day, we will be hosting a mothers day class. This class, just for mom's and kids will be a fun, low key, and a great bonding experience. At the end of class, students will present their mom's with their pink belt and a certificate of participation. Registration for the class will be required by 04/30 so pink belts can be ordered.

Field Day 2016

We want to be apart of your child's 2016 field day. Please help us contact teachers in your schools so we can be apart of these events. P3MA can do agility courses, assist with other games or timed events, or provide frozen treats for the school. If interested, please speak with Mr. Bailey.

P3 Martial Arts District Championships

P3 Martial Arts will be offering our 1st annual District Championships on July 23rd. The event will be a medal tournament exclusive to our academy, and possibly the Ultimate Leadership school in Nashville, TN. The championships will expose the students to a tournament setting before the ULMAA championships in October. The event will offer divisions based on age & rank with the following categories:

Musical Forms Competition

Musical Weapon Forms Competition

Agility Course Competition

Sword Competition

Beginner Competition for Juniors, Fusion, and Adults

Intermediate Competition for Juniors, Fusion, and Adults

Advanced Competition for Juniors, Fusion, and Adults

Elite Black Belt Competition for Juniors, Fusion, and Adults

Lil' Leaders Competition for preschoolers.

The tournament package will be $20.00 and include the basic forms and sparring, plus $5.00 for each additional category (Sword, Agility, Musical Weapons, Musical Forms). Admission is $3.00 for non-competitors, and we will also be offering concessions.

Summer 2016 & Kidz Sports Camp

TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Starting today-July 9th, P3 Martial Arts will be offering  FREE ENROLLMENT as our summer special (a savings over $125), and will include a free training uniform. Students may start prior to May 23rd, however, we will be offering a parent/student orientation on that night for all new students.

Summer students apart of our FREE ENROLLMENT special as well as current students will also receive our Kidz Sports Camp for free (a $39 Savings). The camp will be limited to the first 35 participants.

The Kidz Sports Camp will include martial arts training that coincides with skills specific to football, soccer, basketball, hockey baseball, and more while including strength and agility training sections. The camp will be marketed to local upwards teams and recreation leagues. If your team is interested in particpating in this event, please speak with Mr. Bailey.

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