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Summer at P3 Martial Arts

We hope everyone had a safe, fun, and exciting Memorial Day weekend. We would like to thank several of our parents that have served in a branch of the armed forces. Thank you for your sacrifices, and the sacrifices of the people that did not make it back home to their friends and families.

Summer 2016 is going to rock at P3 Martial Arts. We have an exciting lineup of events for our community and events for the members of P3 Martial Arts. Please see below for more information.

We are continuing to offer FREE enrollment for all new participants until July 9th, 2016. Tell your friends, and get started yourself. We had three awesome adults (& Parents) start the past two weeks!

Send the link below to friends, and have them get started today!

Friend Referral Link


We may be closing for a day or two within the coming weeks to install a system to better serve the members at P3MA. We are still working on finalizing the details, times, and dates, but we are very exctied for these upgrades to the academy. Stay Tuned!

Rank Exam Registration

Hey Team,

The time is here! Rank Exams are NEXT WEEKEND! I know it has snuck up on us all with end of school, parties, graduations, awards, and summer fun time. Lets buckle down the rest of this week, and into next week to perfect and finess our skill sets. Please remember all students should have completed all necessary curriculum stripes for their belt testing before registering.



Use this link to register:

Register for Rank Exams

NEW Minor Fields of Study Classes

We will be finishing up on our sword program next week, and will be starting our Hyper Martial Art lessons for our minor fields of study courses. The courses are open to Yellow belts and above. Hyper Martial Arts combines the aerial kicking techniques of TaeKwonDo with weapons  and other tricking technqiues. Students can utilize their favorite weapon during practice, or they can use open hand techniques. Students will be able to compete during the musical form competition during our district championships in July.

Farragut Independence Day Parade

We will be participating in the annual Town of Farragut Independence Day Parade on Monday, July 4th, 2016. We will be having a float to haul children younger than 9 years old in the parade, and students ten years and older can either walk or ride. We will need some adult volunteers & parents to participate and help chaperone the children. We will wear P3 T-Shirts & Belts. I am currently working on getting a new T-Shirt design together as well as P3 shorts so everyone will match as much as possible. The parade will begin at Farragut High School and will end at the old Ingles parking lot with an estimated time of 30 minutes. Participants will need to arrive at Farragut High School around 8:00a.m., but before 8:30a.m. for the parade to start, and will need to be picked up in the Ingles Parking lot. If you could please use the following link to register so we know how many people to expect:

Parade Registration

We will be closed for the July 4th Holiday!

June Birthdays

Happy Birthday to all of our students born in the month of June!

Logan Holbrook

Rylan Watts

Macy Sharpe

Sammy Reynolds

Kids Sports Skillz Camp

We will be offering our first Kids Sports Skillz Camp June 16th & 17th from 9:00AM-1:00PM. The event will focus students on how their martial arts training applies to all kinds of different sports: Football, baseball, soccer, basketball, cheerleading, etc. The LSU Tigers actually used the same training program when they upset Oklahoma in the 2003 sugar bowl under coach Nick Saban.

You can register for the event using the following link:

Kids Sports Skillz Camp

Current students should use the $39.00 coupon code, Sportscamp, to register for the free event. Please if you have any friends you play other sports with, invite them, send them the link, and have them register.

P3 Martial Arts Family Movie Night

P3 Martial Arts will be having a family movie night on June 25th starting at 7:30PM. I believe the consensus is for the Goosebumps movie, unless parents have a different suggestion. Come in your P.J.'s, bring your pillows and blankets, and we will have a relaxing night watching a movie on the big screen with sonos surround sound! We are offering this event to the community, so if you have any friends that would like to come hang out, please invite them. We hope to see everyone at this family, friendly event.

Water Gun Wars

We will be having our first water gun battle on July 2nd, 2016! Students should bring their own water guns and water shoes as we will be outside having our battle. Students should not wear their uniform, and instead can train in their water battle clothes during class.

We will be running a modified schedule on July 2nd:

Little Leaders: 9:15AM

Junior Leadership & Fusion: 10:00AM-11:00AMWater Battle Day: 11:00-???

***No Minor Fields of Study Lesson***

2016 District Championships

We will be having our first ever 2016 District Championships on July 15th! The championships will be highly recommended for all students to attend. Competition is at the fundamentals of martial arts, or any sport for that matter, and helps keep students interested, excited, and focused on their martial arts training. Not attending competitions is like a student practicing baseball or cheerleading, but never playing games or going to compete. Students lose their drive and determination to be a better martial artist.

The tournament will be held like a traditional tournament and will include the following categories for  students to participate:

Tactical Skills
Team Sparring
Sword Sparring
Board Breaking
Agility Course
Musical Forms
Team Musical Forms
Weapons Musical Forms

The base cost will be $20.00 per participant, and will increase based on the number of categories students compete in. This will be an all-day event hosted by our academy and instructor team, so any volunteers will be appreciated.

ULMAA World Camp: July 23rd and 24th

Hey Team,

We are super excited to announce that Chief Master Penny Serio will be in attendance at world camp leading HanMuDo seminars (Joint Locking Seminars). Here is the tenative schedule for lessons for the two day camp, open to all P3 Martial Artist:


Foundations Seminar taught by Mr. BaileyBrazilian Jiu-Jitsu Seminar taught by purple belt, Master Brad Haynes


Bo Staff Seminar taught by Mr. Skinner

Joint Locking Seminar taught by Mr. Serio


Target Training Seminar taught by Mr. LewisKnife Defense taught by Mr. Serio


Sparring Seminar taught by Master Michael MershadForms Seminar taught by Master Jeremy Black



TaeKwonDo Fundamentals taught by Master Jeremy Black

Self Defense with Rope taught by Mr. Serio


Tournament Sparring taught by Mr. BrownSweeps and Takedowns taught by Master Tim Castle


Kip ups, tricks, and K-Kicks taught by Master Michael MershadBoxing Fundamentals taught by Master Tim Castle


Nun-Chucks taught by Mr. BrownSelf-Defense Seminar taught by Master Brad Haynes.

The cost of the seminar is $69.00 for one day or $99 for both days, and includes the 2016 World ULMAA Training T-Shirt.

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