P3 Martial Arts July Newsletter

Water Wars Tomorrow!

Hey Team,

A quick reminder about our modified class schedule tomorrow for our Water Wars and 4th of July Holiday.

Lil' Leaders 9:15a.m.

Junior & Fusion 10:00a.m.

Water Wars 11:00a.m.

The water wars will be held outside of the academy. Students may train in their swimming attire (if appropriate) to reduce wait time to change. Please bring your own water gun, and shoes since it will be on asphalt.

Independence Day Parade

Hey Team,

Just a reminder, that we will be closed on July 4th for lessons. However, we will be participating in the Farragut Independence Day Parade.  We will be having a float to haul children younger than 9 years old in the parade, and students ten years and older can either walk or ride. We will need some adult volunteers & parents to participate and help chaperone the children. We will wear P3 T-Shirts & Belts.  The parade will begin at Farragut High School and will end at the old Ingles parking lot with an estimated time of 30 minutes. Participants will need to arrive at Farragut High School around 8:00a.m., but before 8:30a.m. for the parade to start, and will need to be picked up in the Ingles Parking lot. If you could please use the following link to register so we know how many people to expect:

Please register so we have an estimation of people attending, and chaperones are always welcome.

Farragut Independence Day Parade

New Class Schedule Starts 07/11/2016

Parents & Students,

We will begin our new class training schedule on 07/11/2016. The class schedule had a focus on growing the Lil' Leader preschool program. Therefore, we have completely revamped the class schedule to provide a more exciting & useful atmosphere for that age group, as they were lost sharing mats with other students before. The Lil' Leader program will now only be $69.00 a month for a single student starting 07/11/2016, and we have pushed the students into three lessons per week to develop commradery and a challenging program for students. Most of the Junior, Fusion, and Impact student class schedule did not vary much, at most 15 minutes.

We also added a family class on Friday nights. The family class is designed for parents to participate in lessons with their student, even if they are not currently training. The class will focus on how to help your children succeed in their martial arts training at home. We hope we will have a great turnout for the class.

Happy Independence Day P3MA!

Our summer promotion is quickly coming to an end! Free Enrollment ends on July 9th, 2016, and has been a huge hit among your friends! Please help spread the word & thank you for helping make P3 one of the best atmospheres for kids and adults.

Happy Birthday

Just wanted to give a big shout out to our July Birthdays!

Elijah  Feezell

Liam Justice

Sophia  Havrylyak

Nathan Sarafolean

JW Sharpe


Parents & Students:

We would like to take the time to reinterate the importance of hygiene for our martial arts training. We are continuously having issues with students not using proper hygiene while using the restroom. Please discuss with your children the importance of sanity. It also takes hours out of the staffs time to clean the mats after issues occur. Please, Please, Please! Another sidenote, as summer progresses, please make sure students use proper deodorant and have clipped nails.

P3 Martial Arts Parent Polos

Hey Team,

I am making a order for polos for the staff, and we would like to offer any parents the ability to represent P3MA. The parent polos will have our logo with parent embroidered below it. The polos will be Addidas dryfit brand polos. The cost is $40.00

P3 Martial Arts District Championships

P3 Martial Arts will be offering the first ever District Championships. The 2016 District Championships are designed to give students the competitive edge, and understanding of a tournament atmosphere before they start competeting on the national championship circuit. The tournament will be a teaching seminar for parents and students alike, as well as a competition. The cost for the tournament is $25.00 for the basic championship package (sparring/tactical skills & form), and each additional event is $5.00 per event (Musical Forms, Musical Weapons, Team Musical Forms, Team Musical Weapons, Team Sparring, Agility Course, Board Breaking, & Sword). Spectators, Parents, & Grandparents are invited to join the fun. Spectator passes can be purchased for $3.00 per person, and will be required for admittance to the event.

Schedule of Events:

8:00 a.m. Set Up & Judges Meeting

9:00a.m. Musical & Weapons Team & Single Competition10:00a.m. Adult & Teen Black Belts

11:00a.m. Adult & Teen Colored Belts

12:00p.m. Opening Ceremonies

12:30p.m. Swords

1:00 p.m. Board Breaking

1:30 p.m. Lil' Leaders

1:45p.m. Junior Elite

2:45p.m. Junior Beginnner

3:45p.m. Junior Intermediate Orange

4:45p.m. Junior Intermediate Sr. Orange-Green

6:00p.m. Team Sparring

For more information on rules, regulations and general information on each category, please read the following PDF.

Please use the following link to download the tournament reigstration form. We will not be registering for the even on the web, and will instead register at the academy for customer assistance and to answer questions from parents and students.

Tournament Registration

Tournament Medals

The picture above is the medal that students can win at our 2016 District Championships.

Tournament 2000

Mr. Bailey's first TaeKwonDo tournament in Chattanooga, TN as a Green Belt in 2000. He brought home 3rd in sparring, and 1st in forms.

2016 District Championship T-Shirts

Check out the 2016 District Championship T-Shirt! Preorders are only $17.99, and guarantee your size. If you purchase at the event, they are $20.00 with limited sizes.

ULMAA World Camp 2016

We will  be attending the 2016 Ultimate Leadership World Camp on July 23rd and 24th for training. All students are welcome to attend, and receive training from the industries best martial artist. Senior Master Michael Mershad, President of Ultimate Leadership and owner in Springboro, Ohio, will be one of the demonstraters at the event. Mr. Mershad is one of the best in the industry, and is even speaking at the Martial Art supershow in Las Vegas next week. Needless to say, each seminar will offer a unique and exciting lesson plan to give students a different and exciting understanding of martial arts. ULMA only offers this event once per year, and the staff at P3 Martial Arts would highly reccomend students to attend this event.

You can register by clicking the link below:

Register for the Ultimate Leadership Martial Arts World Camp


Order your Hyper Weapons

We will be making one order for weapons this cycle for our Hyper Martial Art lessons. Most of the weapons students use during Hyper will be able to used throughout multiple times a year. Please refer to the minor fields of study lessons on your student class schedule for our yearly calendar.

Students can choose their weapon colors from above.

The cost of the weapons are as follows:

Bo-Staff starts at $62.99

Double Nun-Chucks start at $45.00

Kamas (only used during Hyper) start at $61.99

Additional Upgrades:

2nd Stripe-Additional $2.00 per weapon

Accent Color-Additional $2.00 per weaponAdd Custom Name-Additional $5.00 per weapon

Weapon Size Upgrade-Additional $1.00 per size upgrade on weapon

Speak to a staff member for more details and final costs.

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