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Team P3,

We just finished an amazing summer, and all of our students that took a LOA, or vacation have now come back in full force. Over the summer, we added approximately 25 new students, so for parents it may be a little overwhelming as the academy begins to churn to life. We have a couple of new goals during year two: Increase student count by 80 students by July of next year, implement an afterschool martial art program in 2017 (hopefully!), hire additional employees, and open/operate a second part time training facility. As you can see, we have ambitious goals, but they are feasiblewith everyone's help!

If you didn't catch the Facebook memo, we have recently hired one of our own, 3rd Degree Black Belt, Mr. Daniel Sacco. Sacco is currently a sophomore at Karns High School, and wants to pursue a position in the military. He is saving the money he makes at P3 Martial Arts for when he turns 18, so he can take a church ministry trip. Sacco is a phenomenal martial artist, and will be testing for his 4th degree in 2017. We are excited to have him on the team because he brings another level of experience, work ethic, and excitement to our academy.

 How can you help?

1.) Of course, tell your friends! In over the year, we have been in business, we have spent less than $500 on promotional advertising! And it is all because of our awesome families! The less we spend on advertising, the more we can put back into equipment and facility upgrades!

2.) Bring your friends for classes and events. We have some great events coming up including Parent Night Out, Nerf Wars, Halloween Parties. Just make sure they sign a waiver! We can send them one electronically via email that they can sign on any smart phone, tablet, or iPad.

3.) The one I really want to focus on is classroom and school involvement this year! We had a tough time last year getting out to do Star Student presentations, and school talks! However, this year, and with the help of Mr. Sacco, we will be full steam ahead! We just need you to help be the bridge between PTA's, teachers, youth leaders, etc. We offer so many great programs such as the Star Student, Women's Safety Seminars, Demonstrations, Festival Booths, and so much more. If you have anything, please email us!

Our promotion for the remiainder of August is $30 enrollment for all new students! This will include their free uniform to get them started. And of course, we always do one free class!

P3 Martial Arts Class & Uniform Policy

We would like to remind everyone that now school has started back, we would like to make sure all students are in proper uniform while taking class. Students should wear a P3 T-shirt, a P3 short, uniform jacket, and/or their uniform pants with their rank belts. A proper uniform creates a team atmosphere, and makes everyone feel a part of the same team. Our teamwork particularly shines when we go to tournaments, and every student is cheering on their teammates out on the competition floor.

Rank Exam Registration

Rank promotion is a very exciting time for students & parents because students get to be evaluated based on their skill sets that they have been practicing in class. Parents are able to see the hard work and dedication that students put into every class shine at testing. Martial Art rank exams can be a highly exhilierating, stressful, fun, and rewarding experience. Rank Exam evaluations are a formal event, and all students should be in their full uniform (Jacket, Pants, Belt), and should have their entire set of sparring gear (orange belt & above). Students should be preapproved by a P3 Staff Member, and have four or five stripes before registering for their rank exam.

Early Bird Registration coupon:

Register before 11:59 p.m. on Saturday August 20th for your rank exam and receive a $10.00 off coupon using the code "EarlyBird" at checkout. For former students that have tested before, testing rates have not increased. Instead, the coupon code ensures an earlier registration for a better preperation of the rank exam, as well as reducing the costs of overnighting shipments of belts and gear for the promotion ceremony. As we continue to grow, we needed to streamline the registration process and reduce the unnessecary costs of shipping.

Please remember All Black Belts and Black Belt Canidates should complete a private lesson with a P3 Staff Member before their rank exam. 

Date of Exam: 08/27/2016

Location of Exam: P3 Martial Arts (11515 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37934)

Time of the Exam (current rank):

Junior/Teenager White & Yellow Belts: 9:00a.m.

Lil' Leaders 10:00a.m.

Black Belts & Black Belt Candidates 10:30a.m.

All Adults & Teenager Orange-Red 11:45a.m.

Junior Orange-Red 1:00p.m.

Secondary Exam: 08/29/2016

Time of Exam: 6:00p.m.*Students must be preapproved for secondary exam by Mr. Bailey

**Students moving between levels will not be allowed for secondary exam i.e. Beginner to Intermediate, Advanced to Elite, etc.

Ranks vs. Levels

Beginner (White & Yellow Belts)

Intermediate (Orange-Blue)

Advanced (Brown-Red)

Elite (Black Belt)

Minor Fields of Study

We will be starting our new Minor Fields of Study course after our next rank exam on August 27th. The MFOS program is open to all yellow belts and above, and is a great avenue for martial art athletes to explore. Our next cycle will focus on nun-chuck training.


Purchase Custom Nun-Chucks

Nun-Chucks are a great beginner weapon for martial art athletes. Students can purhcase a single customized nun-chuck starting at $26.99, or double nun-chucks starting at $45.00. Upgrades to customization include: 12" chucks - $1.00 per chuck, Stripe 2 - $1.00 per chuck, accent color - $1.00 per chuck, rubber grip - $5.00 per chuck, Custom Name -$4.00 per chuck.

NUN-CHUCKS must be purchased by 08/27.


Choose your color

Please click the above picture to see custom color combinations. Students should choose a main color and a stripe color. Second Stripe colors, accent colors, grips, and customized names are upgrades.

Happy August Birthdays

Here are our August Birthdays! We would like to wish all of our members a very happy birthday!

Abraham Jones

Isabella Reeves

James McClintock

Gordey  Ivanov

Emily Leffew

Tyler Kiely

Dmitri Kalinin

Elizabeth  Reynolds

Faith Watts


Seminar by Senior Master Michael Mershad

Hey Team!

Super excited to announce that Senior Master Michael Mershad, 7th Degree Black Belt in TaeKwonDo, will be coming to teach lessons at our academy on September 9th! Like I have mentioned in class, a 7th degree black belt in TaeKwondo is like the Michael Phelps of swimming, a.k.a. awesome! Mr. Mershad owns the Ultimate Leadership Martial Arts Academy in Springsboro, Ohio with his wife, Jennifer. Together, they have three girls, with their oldest about to start college. The Mershads have close to 400 students, with over 175 black belts! In fact, Master Mershad has such great rentention and team building methods at his school, that he was asked to speak the MA Supershow in front of our entire industry. I'm telling you, this will be a class you will not want to miss!

Registration is limited & is $19 for one or two seminars (The extreme seminar is only available to students that have or been participatins in our Minor Fields of Study lessons).

Register Below!

Training Seminar by Senior Master Michael Mershad


Important Dates

08/27: Rank Exams ***NO CLASSES*** (Please see schedule above)

08/29: Secondary Exams ***NO CLASSES* 6:00p.m.

08/30: Promotion Ceremony ***NO CLASSES* 6:00p.m. (arrive early for seating)

08/31: Sparring Night (All new orange belts should be in attendance)

09/01: Class in the Grass at McFee Park (917 McFee Road, Farragut, TN 37934). McFee Park is 4 miles from the academy, and offers splash pads for kids, fields for classes, hiking trails and more. Lil' Leaders will be at 5:00p.m., Juniors will be at 5:30p.m. and Fusion and Adults will be at 6:30p.m. Class in the grass is one of our biggest events of the year.

09/02: Forms Focus Night (regular lesson times)

09/03: Self-Defense Saturday (regular lesson times)

09/05: Academy closed for Labor Day Holiday

09/09: Seminar with Senior Master Michael Mershad (Bridged Schedule)

10/03: Parents Night Out (tentatively scheduled)

10/10-10/15: Date TBD 6th Degree Black Belt Master Brad Haynes & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Purple Belt under Pedro Sauer will be teaching lessons at P3 Martial Arts.

10/22: Ultimate Leadership Martial Art Fall Championships Clarksville, Indiana.

10/23: Instructor Bootcamp Clarksville, Indiana

10/29: Student & Parent Appreciation Halloween Party

11/12: Rank Exams

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