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It is Fall in East Tennessee!

Good Evening P3 Team,

Happy fall and Go Vols. We are excited to announce a ton of events we will be having for our students and families including our Ultimate Leadership Martial Arts Fall Championships on October 22nd with our ULMA sister schools. Joining the P3 compeitition team is an important step in a students martial arts journey. Students gain a sense of pride about their academy, and begin to develop lifelong friendships through competition. Plus, they also see how their training stacks up against peers from across the country, and push themselves to become better at their martial arts training. We hear it again and again that joining the competition team has been such a confidence, morale, and family fun experience in the students lives. Make the decision today, so we can begin prepping our tournament team to win big!

We are also excited to announce or fall promotion for the month of October. We call the campaign Kick & Treat, new students get a 2-week starter course for $29.99 that also includes their uniform, but the treat is that we are donating $30 back to the students school or PTA. A huge win for Parents, and P3 Martial Arts as well. If you have any friends asking, send them our way! We are currently at 110 students (AMAZING), and looking forward to impacting all of the new students. Get ready leadership & instructor teams!

Teen Night October 9th

We will be having our first ever teen night on Sunday, October 9th from 7:00-9:30p.m. Hanging out, music up, tv playing, dodgeball throwing, it is going to be a blast. Students only in 6th-9th grade should attend.

Please register at www.P3MartialArts.com.

Preorder your next T-Shirt

Need a new T-Shirt? Preorder our next shirt to guarantee your size! Emails will be sent later this week for you to sign up and purchase your new P3 Martial Arts T-Shirt.

P3MA One Day Camp

P3 Martial Arts will be hosting a one day camp during Knox County Fall break on October 13th. Child drop off will start at 7:00a.m., and pick up will be at 5:30 p.m. The day will be packed full of martial arts, gymnastics, weapon training, games, team building exercises, a movie & more. The cost is $20.00 and students should pack the lunches and snacks. The One Day Camp is open to students and non-students.

Register at www.P3MartialArts.com.

Master Brad Haynes visits October 15th.

We have a huge oppurtunity to train with some of the best instructors thanks to our organization, Ultimate Leadership Martial Arts Association. Master Brad Haynes, a 6th degree black belt in TaeKwonDo and a purple belt in Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Master Pedro Sauer will be teaching lessons at our academy on October 15th.

Students must register for this free event. Please be sure to register for the appropriate cateogry:

10:00a.m. Beginner BJJ is for students with little to no understanding of Jiu-Jitsu. Basically if you are a beginner in TKD or a colored belt student that has not specifically trained in BJJ, you should attend this time slot.

11:00a.m. Intermediate BJJ is for students that have either ranked up in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or has a general knowledge of techniuqes, movements, and positions. If you have a black belt in TKD, you most likely should attend this class.

If you have any questions of which class to register and attend, please speak with Mr. Bailey.

Please register at www.P3MartialArts.com.

***We will not have regular classes***

2016 ULMA Fall Championships

The 2016 ULMA Fall Championships will consist of at least 10 ultimate leadership martial art schools competiting against each other to win! We advocate for students to become a part of our tournament circuit to enhance their training, to gain confidence, and gain life long friendships. The earlier you plan to attend the more time we have to prepare the students. Join the competition team today.

Schedule of Events:

10:00a.m. Musical Weapons and Freestyles for all ages/ranks.

11:45a.m. Mrs. Mershad's Master Presentation12:45p.m. Adult Competition

2:45p.m. Junior and Teenager Black Belt Competition

4:45p.m. Junior and Teenager White & Yellow Belt

4:45p.m. Lil' Leader Competition

5:00p.m. Junior & Teenager Brown & Red Belt Competition

6:15p.m. Junior & Teenager Orange, Green & Blue

Cost of the Event:

$40 Lil' Leader Competition

$65 White-Black Belt Competition

$15 for Musical Forms

$4.00 admission for ages 4 and up.

Students registering for tournament before October 15th will receive a FREE private lesson with a staff member. *Subject to availability

Mrs. Mershad Master Demo

Mrs. Jennifer Mershad will be performing her Masters Demo at this tournament. A Mom that runs a business, and her house, trains in martial arts, and just recovered from a torn ACL tear and will be putting on one of the biggest shows of her life....now why haven't you started yet?



Tournament is why we train! Test your skills, achieve the next level!


Circa 2006?

Mr. Bailey competing and winning gold in (2006?) with some of my best training friends: Jon Isley, Eddie Isley, Brad Hill, and Blake Campbell. Friendships start in martial arts.

The biggest party of the year!

Join P3 Martial Arts for the biggest party of the year. We will be having a Halloween Party of October 29th from 7:00p.m.-10:00p.m. complete with candy, prizes (Yes, even for adults), dancing, and fellowship. Wear your costumes, DJ Bailey will be spinning up the tunes, bring a covered dish, and everyone can have a great time. If you would like to help decorate the facility, we will begin decorating around 1:00p.m.

Please use the following link to register your family and the item(s) you are bringing:

Click here to register!


Modified Halloween Schedule

We will be running a modified schedule on Halloween. All Juniors will be at 4:00p.m. and fusion and adults will be at 5:00p.m. Happy Trick or Treating!

Happy Birthday to our Spook-Tacular Students!

Matt Hulsey

Saira Corona

Hanon Beaty

Miriam Campfield

Luke Fowler

Peter  Goodacre

Maddox Weaver

Aiden Robinson

Mark Your Calendar

October 1st-Parents Night Out has moved.....date will be TBA.

October 9th-Teen NightOctober 13th-One Day Camp

October 15th-BJJ Seminar by Master Brad Haynes ***Modified Lessons***

October 21st-Hardin Valley Hoe-Down

October 22nd-ULMAA Tournament ***No Lessons***

October 23rd-Instructor Bootcamp

October 29th-Halloween Party

October 31st-Modified Schedule for Halloween

November 5th-Hyper Workshop by Mr. Austin Holbrook

November 12th-Rank Exams

November 14th-19th- Christmas Sale

November 15th-Promotion Ceremony

November 24th-26th-Academy closed for Thanksgiving Holiday

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