P3 Martial Arts E-Newsletter March Edition


Summer Camp Registration

Summer Camp 2018 is doing extremely well, and spots are filling up extremely quick. We have sold out of our early bird special, and our prices have increased to $179/week. Don't worry though, we have a coupon (Summer2018) for all of our members and your friends to save $30.00 off your summer camp. Need to purchase more than one week of summer camp? Just do multiple checkouts and save $30.00 every week of camp.

Our Six themed camps:
-Camp Jedi (13 Spots Remaining)
-Camp Breakout (24 Spots Remaining)
-Tricking & Gymnastics Camp (24 spots remaining)
-Sports Training Camp (25 spots remaining)
-Olympic Athlete Camp (29 spots remaining)
-Adventure Camp (5 spots remaining)

Register Here:

2018 Summer Camp Enrollment $149/week or have your friends visit www.KnoxvilleSummerCamp.com

Level Up Instructor Training

The next level up instructor training event will be on April 7th from 12:00-2:30PM with the instructor level up exam starting at 2:30PM. All instructors should be at the Instructor Level Up Event. If you are wishing to join the instructor team, or are wanting to level up at this event, please speak with Mr. Bailey or Mr. Robbie ASAP.

Mr. Bailey's Corner

Hey Team!

Wow! We have had so much going on here lately. First of all, congratulations to all of our tournament competitors that represented P3 Martial Arts in Clarksville, Indiana. Every single competitor placed in at least two different categories. Our next tournament will be an intraschool tournament at P3 Martial Arts in August. More information to come soon.

Another big announcement is that Mr. Robbie is now a full time employee at P3 Martial Arts. We will do much better about answering the phone starting after 1:00PM on weekdays, and 9:00-1:00PM on Saturdays. As always, if you need a more immediate response outside of those times, please text the school at 865-272-4853 or email us at P3MartialArts@gmail.com.

P3 Martial Arts this week bought an 18 passenger bus (check it out on Facebook) for our 2018 summer camps as well starting Fall 2018 for an after school program. We have some very exciting things coming in the future.

Finally, if you haven't seen on our social media channels. P3 Martial Arts has surpassed 150 members!! So EXCITING! I just wanted to say thank you to our parents & students that support us day in and day out. You are amazing!

ProX Extreme Training Events

ProX Team!

We are off to a fantastic start learning section two of the solid foundations level two competition form. We wanted to remind you of a few upcoming dates for the ProX Team. On the evening April 14th, we will have a ProX tricking outing most likely at a local park depending on weather. We will do a ProX photoshoot with your ProX gear as well as training outside with our drone recording the team to put on social media. It will be a nice night of commradery and team building. The ProX Team will also perform their solid foundations level two form on April 17th for both promotion ceremonies.

Coming Soon:
The new P3 Martial Arts app will be coming soon. On the app, all of the current ProX Training Forms, follow alongs, and training modules will be loaded so your student can practice at home.

The Hyper Training Lab App:
The Hyper Team has fixed our school on the Hyper Training Lab app. The Hyper Training Lab app allows students to participate in workouts and training experiences with the Hyper Pro's. Furthermore, students can earn points for our academy on the International leadership board, and help us rank up!

Women's Self Escape Class

The P3 Martial Arts Women's Self-Defense course is coming up on May 5th from 5:00-7:00PM. The class is designed JUST FOR YOU by focusing on simple techniques for Moms! We discuss creating safe words with your children in times of need as well as statistics in your local communities. Invite your neighborhood friends, church groups, and mom's groups to join our event of learning and laughter while discussing real world situations.

Register at the Following Link:

Women's Self Defense Seminar

New P3 Martial Art App Coming Soon

In an effort to streamline communication, P3 Martial Arts has develped an app for your smartphone, tablets, and mobile devices for both android and apple app stores. We were hoping the app would have launched by now, but we have been promised it is coming in the next few days. The app will allow parents and students to view curriculum, register for events, follow us on social media, and receive push notifications.

Over time, we will remove our text messaging option and move towards the push notifications thru the app. This will help the team to be able to respond to messages more efficeintly and effectivly. Students & Parents will still be able to text/call us, but at the academy phone number (865-272-4853) only, faceook message us, and email us at P3MartialArts@gmail.com

Upcoming Events

  • Closed March 31st for Easter
  • April 7th-Instructor Level Up Event & Training
  • March 26th-April 8th: Early Bird Belt Exam Registration
  • April 9th-April 12th: Belt Exam Registration
  • April 13th & 14th: Belt Exams
  • April 16th: No Lessons for Exam Processing
  • April 17th: Belt Promotion Ceremonies (No Lessons)
  • April 23rd: Mothers Day Class Registration Starts
  • May 5th: Women's Self Escape Class
  • May 12th: Mothers Day Lesson (Registration Required)
  • May 19th: Parents Night Out 5:30PM-9:00PM
  • May 28th: Fathers Day Class Registration Starts
  • May 28th: Summer Schedule Release
  • June 4th-9th: Jedi Training Summer Camp & Summer Schedule Starts
  • June 11th-15th: Breakout Camp
  • June 16th: Fathers Day Class
  • June 18th-June 22nd: P3 Gymnastics and Tricking Camp
  • June 21st & June 22nd: June Rank Exams (THURSDAY & FRIDAY)
  • June 23rd: Closed for Exam Processing
  • June 24th: P3 Picnic & Promotion Ceremony
  • June 25th-June 29th: Sports Training Summer Camp
  • July 4th: Closed for 4th of July
  • July 9th-July 13th: Olympic Camp
  • July 23rd-July 27th: Adventure Camp
  • August 4th: P3 Martial Art Intraschool Tournament
  • August 24th & 25th: August Rank Exams
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