P3 Martial Arts E-Newsletter May Edition

Summer Camp Registration

Summer Camp 2018 is coming up quickly! We've had a lot of people register over the past two months, and we are about to push out a lot of marketing to the Knoxville area soon. Make sure to sign up soon so that we can guarantee a spot for you. The Jedi Camp and Adventure Camp are just about filled up!

Make sure to tell your friends that we are offering a really great deal; buy one week of camp and get your second week for half off with coupon code "camp" at checkout.  This deal also stacks, so if you buy 4 weeks of camps, you get 2 of them half off, if you buy 6 you get 3 half off, etc.

Our Six themed camps:
-Camp Jedi (10 Spots Remaining)

-Camp Breakout (22 Spots Remaining)
-Tricking & Gymnastics Camp (22 spots remaining)
-Sports Training Camp (24 spots remaining)
-Olympic Athlete Camp (26 spots remaining)
-Adventure Camp (3 spots remaining)

Register Here: 2018 Summer Camp Enrollment $179/week or visit www.KnoxvilleSummerCamp.com for more information.

Summer Open House

On Saturday May 19th and May 26th from 9:00-2:00 we will be hosting an open house here at our facility. The open house is for all new students starting on June 25th or summer camp students. At the open house event, martial art students will receive their training uniform, class schedules, mission sheet, etc., and summer campers will receive itineraries for each day of each camp, finish payments on any remaining camps, and purchase P3 T-Shirts to stay cool this summer. Please make time to drop by on that day for about 30 minutes to get all the appropriate information.

Martial Arts Athlete Month


The month of May is Martial Art Athlete month, and to celebrate we have created weekly challenges for junior, fusion, and adult students. Every week we will practice advanced level kicking techniques for junior and fusion students, and adults will participate in combat sprints. At the end of lessons, each student will have 30 seconds to do as many of the challenges as possible with the results being tallied at the end of four weeks. If they miss an entire week of lessons, they cannot repeat that weeks challenges. Students goal cards should remain on the boards over the next 3 weeks. During buddy week, we will have students inspire their friends and showcase their martial art athlete abilities.

Buddy Week May 19th-26th

We will be having a buddy week starting on Saturday May 19th-Saturday May 26th, and Friends & Families are welcome to train all week long for FREE! We just need to have an active liability waiver on file. Please fill out the form below with the participants first and last name as well as their parents email address, and we will email them a custom liability waiver.

Please Click Here to Request a Custom Liability Waiver for your Friends or Family

Mr Bailey's Corner

It's summer time!!! We are so excited that summer is almost here because it means we get to see our students even more over the next few months. Please take advantage of our unlimited class schedule and pick up an training day over the summer.

We will be extremely busy this summer with over 70 summer campers in our facility starting at 7:00am until 6:00PM. We have also signed up seven students so far that will start in June in our martial arts program so please welcome them when they start. With that being said, please remember that we are currently pushing to our goal of 200 students by the end of the year (currently at 169) and YES sometimes it gets a "little" hectic. Bear with us as we transition as a business, staff, and facility as I'm also learning how to better manage the team to serve our families via teaching strategies, business systems, and life lessons. I understand that everyone wants Mr. Robbie and I to be the lead instuctors on the mat, but I would like to remind everyone that we both were at one time assistants under our instructors, and it was gracious parents that allowed us to excel in our teaching skill sets.

We would like to also remind all of our students that it is a requirement to be in P3 Training gear while on the training mat including shorts. The uniformity is two fold because it promotes the commradery and teamwork amongst peers, as well as the discipline of a martial arts training facility. We understand that things happen and gear is still in the washer or was forgotten, but we would like to see everyone respect one of the few rules we ask.

Starting June 4th, we will add an extra morning class on Wednesday mornings for students. 9:30am Lil' Leaders, 10:00am Juniors, and 11:00am Fusion and Adult students.

June Testing and P3 Banquet

Our next testing will be on the 21st and 22nd of June, so make sure to mark your calendars! As we get closer to testing time, we will release the times for each rank. Students will start to receive stripes in classes thisweek, so attend your correct classes to ensure you get the proper training.

Every summer, we hold a banquet dinner for our P3 families to celebrate a year of success, fun, and friendships. This summer will mark 3 years since we first opened; we originally started with 20 dedicated students, now we have grown to over 160 actively training men, women, and children! Most martial arts schools do well to reach 100 students within 5 years, and we have exceeded that goal in under half the time. To celebrate this past year, our banquet will instead be an outdoor picnic on June 24th, right after our June testing. Students will receive their new ranks at this event, as well as various awards for our outstanding students. We will also be recognizing all of our brand new black belts for the 2017-2018 season. This is always a wonderful event that has a great turn out; we will be putting the registration for it out soon. Make sure not to miss out!

Summer Apparel

We have just sent the order in for all of our summer apparel (NEW toddler sizes, shirts, shorts, and women's shorts). They should be in within the next couple weeks. If you didn't order any, then we will still have plenty extras in stock of all sizes; just make sure to grab yours before we sell out of a particular size.

As always, make sure you are sending your child to class in their appropriate P3 uniform, as well as having all of their appropriate sparring gear. We are very laxed when it comes to uniforms compared to most martial art schools (most schools wear full uniform year round). Please be respectful to wear our training gear to each class.

Furthermore, we are having a large amount of clothing/sparring gear/shoes being left at the academy every night, so make sure you aren't leaving anything behind after classes. If you are missing any clothing or gear then check the lost and found bucket near the front desk.

Water Wars

Its already shaping up to be a super hot summer, so come chill out with us at Water Wars! The Water Wars is a summer time classic for kids and teenagers. After each class on June 30th, we will move to the parking lot with our arsenal of water guns (classes operate on regular schedule). Please bring your own water gun to this event, and we will provide all the water you'll ever need. Don't forget a change of clothes, flip flops, sunscreen, and a towel. Parents are more than welcome to join in on the fun!

P3 Martial Arts Summer Tournament

Our annual P3 martial arts championships are coming up fast! This year it will be held on August 4th, with competitors competing at various times throughout the day. This tournament will be held here at our facility, and will be the first time we will have it with two mats, allowing us to run even more rings throughout the day.

This tournament is meant for those that have never competed at a national level tournament before. This allows them to get experience competing in a familiar environment and test out their skills against their friends and fellow martial artists. Then in the fall when we have our Ultimate Leadership tournament, you will have that experience necessary to travel and take home some gold!

And always remember, ULMA picks where they host their tournaments based on what academies have the most students and the most students who are likely to compete. If we can have a huge turnout for this tournament, we can show it to ULMA and possibly have a national tournament held right here in Knoxville! So if you have never competed before then this event is for you and we would like as many people as possible at this event.

Throughout the day, we will host various competitions, such as:

  • Traditional Forms
  • Traditional Point Sparring Sparring
  • Tactical Sparring (for Beginners)
  • Board Breaking
  • Musical Forms
  • Weapon Forms
  • Extreme Forms
  • Agility Course
  • Team Sparring
If you have any additional questions about competing, please speak to a staff member.

Please welcome our newest staff members

Peter Goodacre: Social Media Strategist & Brand Coordinator

Mr Peter Goodacre will be in charge of all of our social media. He handled our Google, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts very well during his internship, and posted a lot of quality content. He will be posting announcements to Facebook, getting action shots of classes, and will be posting all our events to social media. In addition, he is also currently leading our nun-chuck classes that are a part of our solid weapons foundations course on Tuesday & Wednesdays at 5:00PM. Make sure to congratulate him the next time you see him.

Kai Alfano: Planning & Project Management Coordinator

Mr. Kai Alfano will be in charge of planning events, and making them a reality. Inviting guest instructors, planning outreach events in the community, and generating a positive image for our academy will be some of the responsibilities that will fall under his domain. In addition, his responsibilities will also encompass growing our Pro-X training program on Mondays at 6:30 PM and Thursdays at 7:00PM, and future programs coming soon. Congratulate him on all his hard work the next time you see him!

Upcoming Events

May 19th 9:00am-2:00pm: Summer Open House

May 19th 5:30pm-9:00pm: Parent's Night Out

May 26th: Summer Open House

June 4th-8th: Jedi Training Camp

June 11th-15th: Camp Breakout

June 16th: Father's Day Class

June 18th-22nd: Tricking Camp

June 21st & 22nd: Belt Testing

June 24th: P3 Picnic

June 25th-29th: P3 Sports Camp

June 30th: Water Wars (after regular classes)

July 4th: Town of Farragut Parade

July 9th-13th: Olympic Athlete Camp

July 23rd-27th: Adventure Camp

August 4th: P3 Martial Arts Tournament

August 24th and 25th: Belt Testing
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