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     Martial Arts is one of the few things that kids and adults absolutely love. Why is this, why would a adult and kid absolutely love Martial Arts? Well, kids and adults may start it for different reasons, most of the time kids and adults love it for some of the same reasons. Such as if you were a kid, a kid might start Martial Arts because they think it looks cool and want to hang out with more people, find new friends, new groups if you will. Whereas an adult might start it because the want to "get in shape", or want to revisit what they quit as a kid or lost time to do, such as a lot of adults, this thing that they want to revisit, or lost time for is mostly Martial Arts. Once they start kid or adult, they find that it is a fun atmosphere to be around, it is somewhere they can socialize, or find someone who they trained with that one Tuesday night to help them move into their new house. Also they find that they can still progress at something still, it is not all wake up go to work come home from work, it is a place that gives them that self esteem boost.

     P3 Martial Arts has a couple of events coming up this very late June and July. Tomorrow P3 Martial Arts has its annual water wars, and if it rains do not fret, we have our all new Nerf blasters to use, it is going to be a lot of fun! Also next month exactly we will be having our Parents Night Out, those are always a blast to have, we will have tons of games, pizza, and a movie for everyone, ages kids to teens. Have an awesome day from P3 Martial Arts!

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