Sword Classes, Black Stripe Papers, and DRESS CODE!

If you have not heard by now P3 Martial Arts has kicked off our Sword classes, taught by Mr. Holbrook, for the Commitment cycle. All orange belts and above are welcome to take these classes all cycle. Now if you do not own a sword, P3 Martial Arts will be taking orders for sword,  until your weapon has arrived upon purchase, you are allowed to borrow a sword from the academy. P3 Martial Arts is in the process of our Commitment cycle, which means that the black stripe paper is out. Come ask an instructor about grabbing one and getting a head start on that.  Back to school time is right around the corner, which means life is going to get a little hectic, like not being able to find your P3 Shorts. This leniency has ended. You will have to be in all P3 Martial Arts clothes in order to take class! I repeat you must be in P3 Martial Arts clothes in order to take class. All instructors will be cracking down on this as of now. If you have to prepare your clothes the night before that would not be a horrible idea. See everyone at tournament! 

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