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Mr. Bailey's Corner

Hey Team! We are super excited to have almost 32 new students coming off of summer, or starting after belt testing. Please be sure to welcome them to our P3 Martial Arts family.

After belt testing, we want to remind everyone that it is a requirement to train in proper uniform. Students should only train in the P3 uniform dresscode i.e. P3 Jackets, P3 Training Shirts, P3 training shorts, or P3 training pants, and includes their belt. After belt testing, students not in proper apparel will not be allowed to train in class. We will have to take a hard stance on the issue and it will be difficult for some students & parents, but again it is important for maintaining structure & discipline in the martial arts.

Lastly, we are currently in the process of transitioning to a more modern and updated software program. Parents have already loved being able to book private lessons online, and we will be rolling out more features over the coming months to make the experience at P3 Martial Arts continue to be top notch. Stay tuned!

***A reminder we do not have regular classes this Friday (8/24-8/28) thru Tuesday due to the testing process***

Belt Testing Registration is winding down, and the effort and intensity levels is ramping up in classes to get ready for belt testing.

August 24th:
5:30p.m. Junior White, Yellow Belt, Orange, and Green Belts
6:30p.m. Teenager/Fusion Students All Ranks
7:30p.m. Adult Martial Art Students All Ranks

August 25th:
9:30a.m. Lil' Leader Students
10:30a.m. Junior Blue, Brown, Red Belts
11:45a.m. All Black Belt & Black Belt Candidates

A couple of last minute reminders before the exams start.

1.) Please make sure all students arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their start exam.

2.) All students should be in full uniform (White/Black Jacket, Black P3 Martial Art Pants, and belt). Orange belt and higher should have all of their sparring gear (elbow pads, headgear, footgear, hand pads, shin pads, groin protector, and mouthpiece).

3.) Please make sure if you arrive as another exam is in progress, that students stay quiet and seated with you in the lobby or wait outside so they do not interrupt the exam process.

4.) Orange Belts & Higher should know the 5 rules of sparring:

     1.) Keep my hands in guard

     2.) Stay Busy

     3.) Be an effective blocker

     4.) Use my sparring flows

     5.) Do an advanced technique every 5 seconds

5.) Students attendance score will be taken into account for their belt exam this cycle. We will only use the check in's from the ipads to give them their attendance score.

6.) Lil' Leader, Junior, and Fusion (teenager) students will also receive part of their grade from the parents this time for cleaning their room this week.

Next Week's Schedule

Monday (8/27) *No Lessons*-Closed for rank exam processing. Late Testing at 6:00PM.

Tuesday (8/28) *No Lessons*- The P3 Social Promotion Ceremony from 5:30-7:30. Drop in anytime from 5:30-7:30 in your uniform to pick up your new belts & rank certificates from our instructors. Get pictures, grab your instructors autographs, take selfies, it will be a blast. The P3 social will stop at 6:30pm to introduce all new black belt candidates & Lil' Leader graduate students, and present them with their belts.

Wednesday (8/29)-Regular lessons resume. Get a jump start on your Knowledge form.

Thursday (8/30)- Hyper Tricking, Weapons & Gymnastic Night

Friday(8/31)-Sparring Night: All new orange belts should attend to learn the basics to sparring during their regular class times.

Adult game night after fight club at 8:00PM. Come hang out with your fellow martial artist. Play board games, and enjoy a Friday night with the team.

Saturday(09/01)- Self Defense Saturday.

9:30am-Lil' Leader Class
10:00am-Junior & Fusion Mixed (Fusion Times Changed)
11:00am-12:00pm-Nerf Warrior Party for students that completed all 20 missions on their commitment papers, and also earned three stars from their teachers at school. The forms can be found at the front desk. Students permitted into the nerf warrior party will receive a special wristband at the P3 Social Promotion Ceremony.

Join P3 Martial Arts for Parents Night Out on September 8th from 5:30-9:00PM. We only have 40 spots available, and we sell out every time. Use the link below to reserve your spot. Only $15.00.

Click here to reserve your spot----->https://sparkpages.io/?i=NY&c={CONTACT-ID}
Team! We would like to congratulate Mr. Jackson Lange on becoming our newest level three instructor & team leader. As part of the team leader position, Mr. Jackson must prepare and lead his own class. The class will be from 12:00-12:50 on Saturday September 15th, and his class planner focuses on speed and technique. We will be limiting this class to 12 participants in the junior or fusion programs.
Click here to register for Mr. Jackson's Class
  • August 24th & 25th-Belt Exams
  • No Lessons August 24th-28th due to the exam process
  • September 3rd-We will be open for lessons on Labor Day
  • September 8th-Parents Night Out
  • September 15th-Mr. Jackson's Seminar
  • September 22nd-Instructor Training
  • October 8th-12th Fall Break Camp (tenative dates)
  • October 12th-13th ULMA Tournament in Springsboro, OH
  • October 20th-Student Appreciation Halloween Party
  • October 31st-Open running a modified schedule
  • November 5th-10th Christmas Sale
  • November 9th and 10th-Last Belt Exam of 2018
  • November 22nd-November 24th-Closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday.
  • December 24th & 25th-Closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
  • December 31st-January 1st Closed New Years Eve and New Years Day

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