Cool Down/Back To School

     P3 Martial Arts has finished its Commitment cycle testing, and we just want to say that everybody did fantastic! Everyone passed, which is awesome! Last week was our cool down week after testing, but now we are back to hitting it hard with our training in preparation for our fall tournament with ULMA. If you did not know about that tournament it is a big event and we would love for everyone to go! P3 understands that back to school time is a very hectic time, from sports to a new schedule to making dinner to picking up and dropping off kids, but P3 Martial Arts is cracking down on dress code. If your P3 Martial Arts shorts are in the washer, do not just throw on another pair of shorts. Put on your P3 Martial Arts pants that you received when you enrolled. If your pants or shorts do not have P3 Martial Arts on them, you cannot take class. This rule also goes for sparring gear, if you do not have all of your sparring gear, you cannot spar. That is all from P3 Martial Arts, have a nice night!

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