Black Belt Mid Terms!


          A gentle reminder that we have our black belt midterms next week, and many of our black belts have not yet scheduled any lessons. It is recommended that all black belt candidates have their lessons with Mr. Bailey or Mr. Robbie. For all other black belts, please make sure that the lesson you are reserving is for an instructor at least one degree higher than you. For example, first degrees should only have a second degree instructor or higher perform their black belt midterm. 

Remember Black Belts should have at least two lessons per week totaling in a minimum of 20 martial art lessons per cycle. If your name is not on the list, it is because they have not checked in. Click here to view the Attendance Report since August Belt Testing

Below you can find our private lesson calendars. If a time is not available that you would prefer, please email two days and two times to

Mr. Bailey

Mr. Robbie

Mr. Daniel

Mr. Holbrook

Mr. Peter

Mr. Kai

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