Tournament Outcome! It Was Great!

Tournament was absolutely fantastic! We had 17 competitors go, and brought home 45 crack-a-lackin medals, that is amazing, that's almost 3 medals a competitor which is unreal and unheard of! We are so proud of every competitor that went! Now we are back straight to work, with finishing up our Black Belt Mid-Terms. We instituted this process this cycle, and if you did not get your lessons in, then you cannot test. However, this brings up TESTING, TESTING is coming up very soon, if you have been on vacation for a couple weeks and/or have just not been training, then it is going to be an extremely hard time trying to test, so we would not recommend that. Moving on to the Halloween party, it was an absolute blast, people were dancing and had amazing costumes, tons of food. It was about as good as it gets when it comes to Halloween parties. That's about all we have for today, stay tuned for our next blog next week!

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