Pro Training Updates from Mr. Kai

Dear Pro-X students,

     Mr. Bailey will be evaluating our team to see who is able to join our level 2 pro training team! The evaluation will be on all covered curriculum on levels 1 and 2 of hyper trick school as well as our solid foundations form, and students must present their own musical form!!! The "Test" will be taking place on December 10th, and Mr. Bailey will be handpicking about 6-8 students from level 1 to the level 2 pro training team.

The level 2 students will start taking the level 2 training classes starting in January 2019.

     I need all students to be taking as many classes as they can get in leading up to the testing so they can be properly prepared and trained. If you  do not know the form or are struggling with a technique do not hesitate to get a private lesson, I offer lessons the day of Pro-X classes at 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM.



Pop 180 and 360 Round Kicks

Pop 180 and 360 Hook Kicks


Cheat 540 Hook


Cheat 540 Round



Cartwheel and Roundoff (with rebound)

Costa and Reverse Roundoff

Handstand snap-down


Creation of their own musical form


Mr. Bailey is also gauging participation for the Competitive Edge Training Camp in Lebanon, TN December 28th and 29th. Mackensi Emory, Reid Presley, Cole Presley, and Jackson Rudolph will be teaching seminars in Lebanon, TN on Friday from 11am-6PM, and on Saturday 10AM-5:00PM. The cost of the Two-Day Camp is $229.00. Mr. Bailey is working to see if we can also get a group rate.

See you in class,

photoKai Alfano
Strategic Planning & Project Management Coordinator, P3 Martial Arts 

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