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Great Job on Testing!

We just wanted to start off with a big congratulations to everyone who belt tested last week! It was a very special testing with 4 people receiving their 1st ever black belt! Congratulations to Ms. Xandria Stavros, Mr. Remy Stavros, Mr. James McClintock, and Mr. Aiden Robinson. Belt testing is always a great way to keep children motivated towards their next goal, and to represent the journey they are on. We hope to see everyone back at work now, gearing up for the next challenge we have waiting for you!

Mr. Bailey's Corner
Hey Team & Parents! I am so proud of our martial arts academy, and the success we are seeing in our students. I am realizing that while we are doing an amazing job at preparing our students for their successes, that we have done a lack luster job at preparing parents for their role in the martial arts journey. I and the team tries our absolute best to find what makes students tick, what motivates them, and what drives them to perform their best day in and day out. THIS...IS...HARD! The staff and instructor team try our best to highlight (give high fives, compliment on a good martial art technique, effort, grades, etc.), and spotlight (stop the class and recognize the student on a job well done) while maintaining the tough standards for their rank. Having taught over 4,000 students so far in martial arts (which is over 1,000 more students a gradeschool teacher has during their entire career) we try to invest so much time physically, emotionally, and spiritualy into each student from Lil' Leader to Adult. With 205 full time active students, this can be a difficult challenge. With that being said, I have put together the top three questions we have been receiving:
1.) My child wants to quit? What do I do?
Obviously this is a hard question, and every family handles it differently! The first step is to communicate with our instructor team as soon as your child expresses these feelings. Sometimes private lessons or a few minutes after classes can help alleviate some of the fears or anxiety they feel with specific techniques. For the majority of students, when asked, "Well why do you want to quit?" they cannot explain to their parents or Mr. Bailey any reasons. Furthermore,  85% of students around the 1 year of training mark experience a lull in their training, and in my 19 years of experience, the parents that are willing to push them through it are happy they didn't let their child quit. Finally, I CANNOT express the importance of consistent training and regular belt testing. Much like adults that set a new years resolution to lose X number of pounds, kids also make those goals in their martial arts training, and only through consistent training every week do parents and kids see the improvements. No improvement=disappointment. It is extremely hard for students to take 2-3 weeks off during the cycle, and still prepare for a great belt testing. Kids are also very susceptible to stresses that parents are experiencing with their life, job, spouse, etc., and can affect their training and willingness to come to class if they feel like it is a burden on their parents.
2.) What are the belt colors & how long does it take to get to black belt?
The belt system is broken down into four different training areas:
White & Yellow Belts (Beginners)
Orange, Senior Orange, Green, Senior Green, Blue, and Senior Blue (Intermediate Ranks)
Purple, Senior Purple, Brown, Senior Brown, Red, and Senior Red (Advanced Ranks)
Black Belt (Elite Ranks)
We are a part of an organization called Ultimate Leadership Martial Arts which accredits the martial arts ranks we hand out after belt exams. We announced in October 2017 that we would be implementing a purple & senior purple belt in June 2018 to align our martial art training facility with ULMA/Kukkiwon (the Korean government which oversees ULMA) standards, and to extend the journey to black belt to three years which is the standard time it takes to achieve a black belt in TaeKwonDo in the martial arts industry. We carefully selected this month to have the least amount of impact on our students, and technically no students should have belt tested for purple belt when we mapped it out. We have had some questions about why didn't we start it at white belt and the new white belts earn the purple belt? Logistically, that is not possible since everyone takes their martial arts journey at their own pace, and may not rank test every time.
3.) Why should my child be in proper uniform for training and ceremonies?
When I first started training martial arts, we did not have training shorts, and could only wear our training T-Shirts on Tuesday and Thursday nights (if we wore training shirts on the wrong day we could not participate in class). Our uniforms were all white (pants and jacket) & 100% cotton therefore they had to be air dried which was a day long proceess in iteslf. We had so many insignias on our uniforms for levels of black belts, and stripes on our jackets for what level instructor you were, and every time you leveled up that meant a new uniform (a minimum of $300 with sewing). Since starting P3 Martial Arts, we have tried to give families the flexibility to choose their practice uniform, and reduce the overall uniform cost without compromising the discipline, unity, and recognition of student achievements.
We only have a small group of students ever travel to tournaments to compete against other schools, but the P3 Logo on the chest and on the leg of the pant is the identity of our team. An identity we take pride in during these competitions, and once a student experiences the excitement to watch our team win and win consistently it drives unity amongst our team.
Finally, the uniform promotes a culture of discipline and readiness when training. It is the same concept when students attend private school, or when adults put on their uniform for military service or their job. Wearing P3 approved training shorts/shirts/pants/jacket and belt prepares the student for a great class, achieves the results parents are looking for in their behavior, and creates an atmosphere of friendship with others on the team.

Parent's Night Out is coming up!

Our next Parent's Night Out will be held on December 8th, from 5:30-9:00PM. During this awesome event, we have games, dancing, lazer tag, food, and a movie. This is a great opportunity to finish up on (or start) your Christmas shopping. Our spots always fill up fast so make sure to grab one while you can. Link to register is below:


Christmas Sale & Picture Day

We will be having our annual Christmas Sale on November 26th and 27th. Please order your martial art equipment through your training facility, and not through large corporations like Amazon. We know what kinds of products are needed for training as well as the quality of the products. To view our sale items, please click here: https://p3martialarts.com/blog/92489/Look-at-what-Santa-is-Bringing-this-Christmas

Its picture time at P3! Action Hero Photography will be coming to our academy on November 26th and 27th to capture some awesome moves from our whole academy! Make sure to sign up at the front desk for a time slot or our online scheduler; even if you don't plan on purchasing any photos, it is free to get them taken and you get to be on our martial art poster for 2019!

Holiday Schedule 2018

2018 is almost at a close, and while you are finishing up your holiday plans and Christmas shopping, make sure to check out below what days we are off in observance of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years:

Thanksgiving - No classes November 22nd-24th

Christmas - No Classes December 24th-26th

New Years - No Classes December 31st-January 1st

Winter Camp 2019

We will be hosting a winter day camp on January 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 7th. Come have fun with us before school starts back, we will have nerf wars, lazer tag, games and more! Sign up before December 8th and you will also receive a coupon for a free Parent's Night Out! Link to register is below:


Solid Foundations: Jiu Jitsu Cycle

Our next solid foundations class will be Jiu Jitsu, and the basics of ground defense. No extra equipment is needed for this class, which is also covered by your monthly tuition. So make sure to take advantage of this amazing opportunity! All students who test at the February Rank Exams will be required to perform a round of Jiu Jitsu rolling, so this class will help you get a jump start on preparing for that. This class will be offered on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 5:00PM.

November 22nd-24th - Closed for Thanksgiving
November 26th-27th - Action Hero Photo Day
November 26th-27th - Christmas Sale Days
December 8th - Parent's Night Out
December 24th-26th - Closed for Christmas
December 31st-January 1st - Closed for New Years
January 2nd-7th - Winter Camp
February 1st-2nd - Rank Exams
March TBD - ULMAA National Championships in Lexington, KY

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