P3 Martial Arts E-Newsletter January Edition

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Mr. Bailey's Corner
Welcome to 2019! As with any year, we start out with a set of goals, we make a plan to execute those goals, and we reflect on last year's goals and the effectiveness of our plan. I am very excited to announce some of the projects we are currently working on at P3 Martial Arts.

1.) We just launched our full time after school care pickup service called Knoxville's Best After School & Summer Camp Program. The program we are using has been replicated over 800X across america, and has been featured on Good Morning America, major news outlets, and by the White House as one of the best programs for kids in America! More information below.

2.) We have been working to launch a new online training program called P3 University. P3 University will be a full at home training resource for students to practice. If you currently have our old app, please delete and redownload the new app for full functionality. You will need to use the current email address we have on file, as well as request a new password. If you have multiple family members and have trouble logging in, we will have to make sure each persons account has the same email addresses on file. The unversity is not yet fully complete with all training videos, but you can access P3 University the following ways:

iOS App for Apple Devices: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/p3-martial-arts/id1360294924?mt=8

Android App for Google Devices: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sparkmembership.p3ma

Web Browser: https://p3university.upleveluniversity.co/Courses.aspx

3.) We will be launching an expanded class schedule following the February 1st & 2nd Belt exams to reduce class loads on certain days as well as expand our Pro Training program. With that being said, please make sure students attend their age appropriate class times in appropriate P3 training gear:

Lil' Leaders classes (preschool-Kindergarten ages)
Junior Leadership Classes (Kindergarten-5th Grade)
Fusion (6th-9th graders)
Impact (10th-Adults)

Feeling behind for your upcoming rank exam?
We are offering a 1/2 price private lesson day with select instructor staff on Saturday, January 26th, starting at 8:00AM (reg. $20, now just $10) for thirty minute focus lessons. Please select the first available appointment for your instructor of choice so their entire day isn't tied up. We will only book lessons through the online registration links. Lessons will be charged to the card on file at time of booking, and are non-refundable. 
Book Online Now to reserve your spot! Click their name to book your lesson with your favorite instructor. 
Mr. Holbrook Private Lesson Calendar
Mr. Peter Private Lesson Calendar
Mr. Lee Private Lesson Calendar
Mr. Kai Private Lesson Calendar
Ms. Xandria Private Lesson Calendar

Parents & Students! Belt testing is on February 1st and 2nd and is quickly approaching. Students that have earned the following curriculum stripes are allowed to register for their rank exam:

Lil' Leaders-White Stripe (Self-Defense), Yellow Stripe (Contact Skill), Orange Stripe (Stances), Blue Stripe (Life Skill Saying), Black Stripe (Respect Coloring Sheet)

Junior & Fusion White & Yellow Belts- White Stripe (Stance/Blocks), Yellow Stripe (Contact Skill), Orange Stripe (Tactical Skills), Blue Stripe (Respect Form), Black Stripe (Mission Sheet)

Junior & Fusion Orange-Red Belts-White Belts (S.T.A.R.T.), Yellow Stripe (Contact Skill), Orange Stripe (Board Breaking), Blue Stripe (Respect Form; orange belts just do sections 1 & 2), Black Stripe (Mission Sheet)

Adults-Instructor Approval

Belt testings are formal events and require all students to wear their full uniform (jacket, pants, and belts) in order to participate during the belt testing event.

Junior students should know 1 Essence of Martial Arts, and be able to explain one of them.
Fusion & Adult Students should know all 5 and be able to explain one of them. 1.) Extended Plane, Dynamic Force
•The line of movement characteristic of TaeKwonDo. This force creates the signature nature of Taekwondo’s kicking and striking techniques, which have well-defined biomechanic components that have evolved through research. The Extended Plane concept naturally accommodates human limb movement to generate power in a safe, effective manner.
2.) Stage Flow Transition
•Smoothly transitioning mass through each action (TaeKwonDo move), and effectively redistributing the mass in a controlled manner. Stage Flow Transition is characterized into three sub levels: Set (chamber), Fire (acceleration), and freeze (muscle Flexion/muscle extension). 
3.) Balance, Posture, Alignment
•The relationship, at a specific period of time, between all the parts of the human frame. The anatomical alignment of the joints, spine, and long bones facilitates delivery of techniques in a safe and effective manner. Proper stance and posture allows efficient weight transfer while preventing unnecessary movement.
4.) C.A.T. (Control, Acceleration, Timing)
•The flow of movement unique to Taekwondo. CAT involves creative tempo change at critical rhythmic moments to enhance safety, effectiveness, and artistic beauty.
5.) I-X Awareness
•Awareness Living and Training defines conscious attention to the balance of mind and body. Awareness practice is based on the premise that only in the experience of the present moment can one accurately perceive what is really happening.

Belt Testing Dates & Times for your current rank:

Friday February 1st, 2019
Adults & Fusion 6:00PM
Black Belt & Black Belt Candidates 7:15PM

Saturday February 2nd, 2019
Lil' Leaders 8:30AM
Junior White & Yellow Belts: 9:45 AM
Junior Orange, Green, Blue Belts: 10:45AM
Junior Purple, Brown & Red Belts: 12:00PM


Use the applicable coupon codes below before 1/27 to receive $10.00 off of your rank exam:

One Participant: EARLYONE
Two Participants: EARLYTWO
Three Participants: EARLYTHREE
Four Participants: EARLYFOUR

IMPORTANT DATE TO PUT ON YOUR CALENDAR! The next Ultimate Leadership Martial Arts Association's championship tournament will be held near Lexington, Kentucky on March 9th. The event is the closest event to our location in over three years, and will also be the site for Mr. Bailey's Master Level Black Belt Test, Mr. Robbie's Senior 4th degree test, and Ms. Autumn Robertson's 4th degree test. As part of Mr. Bailey's black belt test, a master demonstration must be completed at tournament the day after the black belt test. If you would like to be selected to join Mr. Bailey's Master Demonstration, please sign up using the following link. Signing up will include Saturday and Sunday practices, and the understanding that a Master level black belt test is the equivolent of obtaining a PhD and focus and elite level effort will be required.
Ask to join the Master Demo by clicking here.

Click here to register for our Martin Luther Day Kids Camp!

Click here to register for our Valentine's Day Parents Night Out!

We limit to 40 spots, and sell out everytime! Don't wait!

The BEST After School 
Program for Kids!
We are so excited to be launching the BEST After School Program at THREE new schools! The program has been a success with four student currently attending, and three on a waiting list.

We will now be picking up from the following schools:
Farragut Primary School
Northshore Elementary School
A.L. Lotts Elementary School

Get on the waiting list today with your enrollment as we will SOON be picking up at these schools:

Hardin Valley Elementary School
Ball Camp Elementary School


V.I.P. Paid-in-Full
One Time $55 Enrollment includes martial arts uniform!
15% discount on membership
January 8th-May 24th
50% off all School Year Camps (excludes summer)
ONLY 2 Remaining!
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Entire School Year Membership
One Time $55 Enrollment includes martial arts uniform!
Save $400 with school year financed commitment.
January 8th-May 24th
50% off all School Year Camps (excludes summer)
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After School Membership
One Time $55 Enrollment includes martial arts uniform!
$1980 financed investment
Flexibility to cancel at anytime
50% off all School Year Camps (excludes summer)
Sign Up Now: 

Summer Camp 2019
We are so excited to start our Early Bird registration for our amazing summer camps. Our summer camps are jam packed with Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Parkour, and Dance training as well as fun activities such as lazer tag, nerf wars, noodle wars, outdoor kickball, crafts and so much more! We also offer a wide variety of field trips that are taken during the week to places such as McFee park, Regal Cinemas, Nascar Speedpark, bowling, and much more!

We have already sold over 150 weeks of summer camp, and we will sell out this summer. Weekly rates will increase after spring break! Please be sure to register early because this will be the cheapest offer we will have!


Weekly Summer Enrollment
Don't need the entire summer, but instead only need a few weeks of summer camp? You are receiving the lowest rates available TODAY!  At only $119 per week, your child will have the absolute best summer with their friends at P3 After School & Summer Camp. Pick your weeks now to guarantee a spot on that particular week of summer camp.

Reserve your Summer Camp Spot!
Not sure which weeks you want to reserve at our amazing summer camps? Just click the link, choose your child's shirts sizes, and pay the $55 registration fee to guarantee their spot in one of our camps, and lock in your rate of $119 per week. We will be in touch early March to finalize which weeks of camp will work best for you and your family. Please note: Weeks will fill up quickly and are subject to availability.


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