Belt Testing on June 21st and June 22nd, REGISTER NOW!

**A reminder we do not have regular classes Friday 6/21 thru Tuesday 6/25 due to the testing process***

Belt Testing Registration is opening up, and we are excited for another round of awesome students showing their skills and what they have learned this cycle! Please remember students should have at least 4-5 stripes in order to test for their next rank. Private lessons are available just check with an instructor or see the calendar links below.

Lil' Leader students can now select if they wish to test on Friday or Saturday. We have a limited amount of spots available at each time slot so please save your date early.

The schedule for belt testing is as follows:

Friday June 21st:
Lil Leader Testing (option 1/limit 25) at 5:00PM 
Adult Testing at 6:00PM
Black Belt Testing at 7:00

Saturday June 22nd:
Lil' Leader Testing (option 2/limit 25) at 8:00am
Junior Blue, Purple, Brown, & Red at 9:00am
Junior Orange & Green at 10:15am
Junior White & Yellow at 11:15am
Fusion at 12:00pm

You can register for belt testing here:{CONTACT-ID}

A couple of  reminders before the exams start.

1.) Please make sure all students arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their start exam.

2.) All students should be in full uniform (White/Black Jacket, Black P3 Martial Art Pants, and belt). Orange belt and higher should have all of their sparring gear (elbow pads, headgear, footgear, hand pads, shin pads, groin protector, and mouthpiece).

3.) Please make sure if you arrive as another exam is in progress, that students stay quiet and seated with you in the lobby or wait outside so they do not interrupt the exam process.


Black Belts! Reminder to finish getting your midterm this week. We are quickly filling up and still have a lot of black belts without their midterm! Make sure to grab one with an instructor one degree higher than you here:

Mr. Bailey:
Mr. Robbie:
Mr. Holbrook:
Mr. Peter:

Mr. Lee:
Mr. Ryan:
Ms. Xandria:
Mr. Kai:

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